Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 19.08.2015, morning, Ludashto)
(continues from the previous Monday)
Belonging to a sacred tradition also means some commitment. Before I was a freelance fallen soul, but now I am a fallen soul on a tie. And I tell you, it’s very beneficial and very good to be on a tie. Because if a dog has a collar, if a dog has a tie – for that dog you know that it belongs to someone. So, if we belong to a tradition, we have to represent this tradition. 
Then another question arises: how to help this tradition, how to serve this tradition, how to maintain this tradition? There are so many ways to help a tradition to survive and to flourish. First of all there are individual practices. If you chant the holy names, the chanting of the holy name as a tradition is maintained. For a long time you might think that you start the practice: ‘I start my chanting.’ But I feel this is the other way round. The chanting, the tradition needs practitioners; therefore it invites practitioners, it embraces new and new practitioners. That also proves that it is not started from the human side, but the invitation comes from the divine side: ‘Please, join this practice!’ So there should always be some permanent consciousness about this – that we are part of something superhuman. 
And there is the community, or the social side of this tradition. For example organizing events, maintaining temples, preaching, publications, etc, etc. So you see, it’s a very integral part of something extraordinary, important and divine. And this is the common denominator in all spiritual groups and in all spiritual practices – that it should reflect the divine and it should bring the human to the divine platform. 
So, belonging to a sacred tradition means that you have a background. And also you have a prospective goal. Therefore by proper cultivation we should help this school to grow, this tradition to flourish. Don’t forget about the elderly gopas when Krishna lifted the Govardhan Hill – they also used their sticks: ‘Like that it’s not so heavy, Krishna is a small boy, we can also hold our sticks.’ We are like these old gopas, we also hold our little sticks. The mission – Mahaprabhu’s mission, Krishna’s mission – is going on, but nevertheless we hold our little sticks. 
Let me quote only one sentence from Shrila Shridhara Maharaj. He says that this process of bhakti is a journey from the land of distrust and frustration to the land of beauty and love. So from distrust we want to reach the realm of divine love. Therefore we believe in the Source, the Maintainer and the Ultimate Shelter of the universe. We believe in the eternity of the soul and its belonging to the Supreme. We believe in the sanctity of life and its supreme mission. We believe in the victory of the light over the darkness. And also we believe in the chance of purification and perfection. Trust.
(to be continued)

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