Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

So, evening time has come. This is the time for some spiritual message from the “Gita”. Let us read from the Second Chapter, which is the summary of the “Gita”. In the First Chapter we understood, that Arjuna is frustrated. From this immediately we can understand: “This “Gita” is talking to me. I am also frustrated in my life. As Arjuna wants to run away from the job, I also want to change my job. He wanted to change all the setup of his life, I also want to change everything in my life. Prabhu, I am shastric, I follow his example!” So, if we are frustrated, we are following shastra, right? This is coming from God – to be a little frustrated, ha?

But actually the answers are coming from Him. So therefore, from the First Chapter we understood that Arjuna is perplexed, he does not know what to do. But in the Second Chapter we shall understand, that He is a fortunate guy, he has got a good consultant – God Himself. With his frustration he goes to Govinda. Govinda means that special aspect of God Supreme, who can guide us with the flute, not with the stick.

“Sanjaya said: Seeing Arjuna full of compassion, his mind depressed, his eyes full of tears, Madhusudana, Krishna, spoke the following words.”[1]

This is a very pitiful moment – Arjuna, a fighter, is crying. A fighter should never cry, a fighter should fight. Sometimes your heart, sometimes your soul can cry, no problem. Even fighters can cry on the inside. But do not show that. Because a fighter has to be brave. Inside you can be soft, outside you should be strong.

But Arjuna is not hiding his weakness. He is ready to accept, he is ready to admit: “Yes, I am perplexed. Help me!” And these are the signals: if you are perplexed you might have these overcompassionate feelings, mind depressed, eyes full of tears. This is the way to invite attention fromKrishna’s side. Here the name Madhusudana is really very important. Because sometimesKrishnastops the demoniac activities by killing the demons. And we can say that this overcompassionate feelings or rejecting the duty as a result this is kind of bad influence over people’s consciousness. That influence can be stopped by divine authority. And as all the demons are just wiped off by Krishna, in the same way all the demoniac mentality that we might have is just removed by the presence ofKrishna.

This conversation happened in Kurukshetra under one tree. If you visit that place do not forget to go there, because Kurukshetra is a famous place from ancient, ancient times, but it became more famous because of the war and the talk betweenKrishnaand Arjuna happening there. I had one friend, he was visiting the place once on a pilgrimage. As a real sacred place it is very powerful, surcharged not only with historical past, but also all the prayers and all the offerings of the visitors are just accumulated there. This is a very, very unique place with a little temple around and many bells around and finally the tree whereKrishnawas telling Arjuna the story. Of course many pilgrims go there and recite verses from the “Gita”. Is not that beautiful?! You go to a temple, you go to a holy place and read one chapter from your favorite scripture? So he was just reading one chapter of his “Gita” in the shade of the tree. And you know, usually people think that “Gita” is superficial, it is not discussing the Radha-Krishna worship, only some theories that the soul is eternal and you never die, there is karma and there are some reactions… superficial!  But while my friend was reading these so-called superficial words, what was happening? One leaf from the tree was just falling, falling, falling nicely upon his “Gita”. Ah, you would say: “Wind. By chance. It happens.” Yet you know, the shape of the leaf was usual, but the color! It was black and white. One half of the leaf like dark, the other like bright. So never mind if others scorn: “Gita” is superficial.” This is their business. Never mind. Just go to Kurukshetra, read one chapter and wait for Radha-Krishna to come.

Actually Arjuna was frustrated when his duty was too much demanding. When he had to sacrifice some of his ideals for the sake of the higher truth. And this price was so high, that he was reluctant to pay this price. Is not that human? We come to some circumstances when our duty is so much demanding, that we have to give ourselves, we have to sacrifice! And even if you decide: “No! I will run! I will not do this!” just stay a little bit more and try to listen to the divine advice. Because until we are working from our own assets, from our own understanding, we shall be under some limitation. But as soon as our eyes or ears are open – by some extra suffering, by some difficulties, or by some happiness, it also can help us – then we are more able to grasp the divine essence.

Therefore we should consult the divine authority. And as Arjuna came with all the doubts to Krishna, do not hesitate to come with whatever you have. Because Krishnasaw the perplexion of Arjuna and He also started to feel compassion to His eternal friend and companion. In case you have any trouble, just consult Him. Then the instruction will start. Because then Krishnastarts to teach Arjuna. Arjuna says: “I am Your surrendered servant. I do not know what is good for me, please tell me; in this difficult situation what is best for me. Shishyasteham – I am your disciple.” Then immediately the mood changes. Before Krishna was very gentle. He said: “Ah, my dear Arjuna, it is not so difficult”, but now as Arjuna came to his senses and said: “Instruct me!” then immediately Krishna started to cut. For example He says: “You lament over such things, which should  never be lamented.” Krishna was cutting so much Arjuna’s false egotism. You would say: “Where is the cutting? This is a very polite remark.” But if you translate these words it means “You are a fool number one. You are lamenting over things that should not be lamented over.” And this is just the beginning! First verse, first answer of Krishna. But anyway, I do not want to exaggerate that point. Still the mood has changed. Krishna is using all the different methods to impress Arjuna, to teach him and to achieve the goal. Like the stick and carrot; sometimes He is trying to tease Arjuna’s self-esteem, other times He is cutting, smashing. Anyway, finally Krishna achieves His goal. He gives Arjuna the full freedom: “I have disclosed to you the secrets, now you decide for yourself.” You know, He is playing chess in an international grandmaster scale moving all the figures and then for the last, where there is no escape, He says: “It is your turn, you decide.” And then Arjuna says: “Yes! I accept fully what you say.” So, I think Arjuna was a kind of Hungarian originally. Because when we have lost everything, then we say: “Yes, yes, correct, this is what I wanted to say.” At least he is an honorable Hungarian. Because we have the ability to create an advantage from our shortcomings. Anyway, whatever we have, we can serve Krishna, we can go toKrishna, no problem.

[1] “Bhagavad-gita” 2.1

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