June 2021
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(continues from the previous Friday)


In these days we face a new period. There are so many new expressions spreading among people concerned about the future of the world. Pole shift, end of the Mayan calendar or Kali Yuga – so many strange expressions that didn’t exist before. But what is this expectation in human beings? It’s very easy to motivate people by telling the future or giving some predictions, which will never be fulfilled. If the end of the world does not happen today, then we can postpone it for the next year. I have seen that people are very flexible in their faith. But if we expect any kind of change, what should be that? This should be a little transition from the head to the heart. Whatever benefits we enjoy in this material sphere now is practically a result of the human brain. The world today is dominated by human willpower. And definitely this world has got some benefits. It makes life easy and comfortable. But it’s got a price. Because by creating a comfortable life we also created a trap that we can hardly escape. So although we enjoy material facilities, on the internal side we face great challenges.

What happens in the head of a human being? Fortunately it is hidden from us. Because if we could read the mind of other people, that would be a difficult time. But basically there are three functions happening in the mind. One is the thinking capacity – intellectual or cognitive capacity. The second is the willpower. And the third one is the feeling. Mind is not equal with the brain, don’t misunderstand. It’s like an inner sense, the sixth sense. And the three functions once more: thinking, willing and feeling.

So, the present-day world is dominated by the willpower. And if we need any change, if we need any transition, this should be a little transition towards its third capacity – the feeling. Of course feeling without thinking might be problematic again. But if we can unite the positive fruits of both capacities, then we can grow better. I think we can all agree that the really important decisions can be taken in our hearts. In normal cases you can decide with your brain, no problem. But when you are in danger, for example, or when you are in an extreme situation, a very special capacity starts to work. And this is the intuition of human beings – very much connected to the feeling. We have to learn, we have to master this capacity – intuition. Because in this way we can come to some unexpected conclusions, which are sometimes much better options than any intellectually or theoretically constructed answers.

This change will happen in the world if we start to do it in ourselves. It is said as good advice in the spiritual practice, that you should be the change that you want to see outside. Although we expect that everybody else starts to change, then ‘maybe also I can say yes’. But in order to help this tendency to overcome the difficulties, we also have to contribute.

Let me mention one beautiful story from the Indian tradition supporting this point. This story is about God Krishna. He came as a simple cowherd boy. And somehow the lord of the heaven, Indra was upset, because the villagers where Krishna was living were not performing all the sacrifices that were necessary for the universal harmony. So, the lord of the heaven, the lord of the rains started to send heavy, heavy rain over this village. All the villagers were in utmost danger and finally they prayed to their God living with them: “Please, save us!” So, Krishna lifted a hill, because the hill is good to protect the citizens, they could come joined together under the protection of this hill. You know God can make some little miracles here and there, no problem, although He was playing like a small boy. And what happened? The father and the elderly members of the village who came together under this protection with their sticks – as they were also tending the cows – they were also holding the hill. Not thinking with their brain that ‘Wait a minute, this little boy can lift up a hill, why should I help Him? He can do it alone.’ No! Emotionally they wanted to help so much, that with their own sticks they were also holding the hill.

In the same way, the tendencies in this world will happen. The divine plan is there for this Earth and for this world. Yet we can also contribute. We should take our little sticks and hold up this hill. However small is our contribution, we should do this.

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