Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Haribol, dear devotees!
Please, accept our humble and respectful obeisances.
With the blessings of our beloved Gurudeva Bhakti Kamala Tirtha Maharaja, we are starting a new mailing-list called “Sharanagati” and we pray for the grace of Divine Coulple and all of you merciful devotees to be able to carry on this service.
The idea behind is our community always to be connected, staying together united around our Master, whose precious words and teaching help us to always remember and never forget the Divine Couple.
Once Gurudev related us a story about the chair of Napoleon: “When Napoleon was attacking Russia, he misscalculated something. It was too far and it was too cold. So his soldiers were in a very difficult condition. They were a small group and it was so cold, that however they were trying to protect themselves, they would be frozen. Then he invented his chair. So the soldiers were sitting in a row behing each-other like this: another vaisnava is sitting infront of you, and another, and another – in a circle. In this way they were keeping together, holding each-other and sharing the warmth. Thus they survived this very cold night. Alone they would die. But sitting in a circular row and embracing each-other, they survived.”
Similarly all of us would freez to death if left forsaken, alone without the warmth and sharing of our beneficial sadhu-sangha. Therefor we would like to start weekly sharing of a small part (1-2 pages) of our Gurudev’s teachings as a firm support in times of hardship and an inspiration in times of joy. The issues will go in English, Hungarian and Bulgarian so that everybody could have full advantage of this hari-katha.
If by some reason you do not want to be part of this, simply unsubscribe from the mailing-list.
With the hope that you will accept our attempt and mercifully forgive us the mistakes we may slip despite all efforts,
Remainig yours in the service:
Chitra Devi dasi
Palana Shakti Devi dasi
Manohari dasi
Vancha-kalpa tarubyash cha
Kripa sindhubya eva cha
Patitanam pavanebhyo
Vaisnavebhyo namo namaha

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