Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 08.01.2017 evening, Sofia)

Welcome to everyone. Although I’m a guest here, I feel like a family member with you. Thank you so much for extending such a generous and warmhearted invitation and presence. Today we have to continue the journey that we started yesterday. You remember, yesterday we decided where to start – on the human platform or on the divine platform. And by the help of Mother Ganga we were definitely connected to the divine realm. Then finally we submitted ourselves under the protection of divine mercy – we were praying for that.

And today we start from that divine protection. This mantra: om namo bhagavate vasudevaya is something very important. This is one of the most important mantras for the present age. It glorifies the Supreme as the supreme intelligence. Vasudeva – this is one name of Krishna; Krishna is the all-attractive God Supreme, and Vasudeva is such an aspect of Him that knows everything. It is said that after many-many lifetimes spent in spiritual practice, the great saints of illuminated vision will understand that Vasudeva, this supreme intelligence, is all in all, is everything[1].

This is a very high type of realization. Can you follow? God is everything. But not everything is God. Right, this is still a carpet. Although it functions in a sacred place of a yoga-center, so this is a semi-divine carpet, but still it’s a carpet. Nevertheless fully surcharged with the potency and the origin of God, it comes from Him ultimately. The sheep comes from Him, the wool comes from Him, the expertise of men to make it into a carpet comes from Him. So everything is connected; if we trace back things to the origin, ultimately we shall find this divine origin. Sarva-karana-karanam[2], the cause of all causes – this we can call ‘God’, the ultimate cause, no further. This is the first, the source of everything.

So, we understood that the carpet is a carpet, although this is the energy of God. Let’s look at ourselves. But if you look into the mirror, you see the beautiful face if you are a woman, or you see a wise man if you are a man. We see a charming figure. And if we trace back our origin – father, grandfather, rishi-munis, demigods… and ultimately who is the source of us? Who is the ultimate father, who is the ultimate cause of our existence? It’s the same Supreme Lord, the ultimate cause of all causes. So, we can say that if the carpet is somehow surcharged with God’s energy, nevertheless it still remains a carpet; in the same way we are also surcharged with divine potency, nevertheless we still remain ourselves. If you make mistake in this logic, then you might think that ‘Maybe I am the ultimate cause’. But most probably this is not like this. So better we try to understand this very subtle similarity and difference.

As spiritual beings we belong to the spiritual sky. We are made up of different parts, so to say. We have some part that is changeable. The material covering is changing. We have a more subtle covering, which we can say changes even more quickly – this is our mental structure. You know, thoughts, feelings – ah, it’s like a tempest, changing so quickly. And there we have one part that is not changing. Our spiritual identity doesn’t change. It is eternally given, we only have to let it come to the surface.

So, Vasudeva is everything. Therefore we worship this supreme intelligence. And if this aspect of Krishna covers everything and embraces everything, then we are very much ready to submit ourselves under His protection. Great souls, after many-many lifetimes realize this truth. So why shouldn’t we realize this here and now? If we realize that Vasudeva-Krishna is all in all – that means you have been practicing many-many lifetimes and you are very wise rishi-munis.

(to be continued)

[1] Bhagavad Gita 7.19

[2] Brahma Samhita 5.1

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