Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

The sages in Naimisharanya were inquiring from Suta Gosvami that there were so many scriptures, and so many religions, and so many instructions… It’s very difficult to get the essence. “But you are well informed. Please, you select for us, tell us what is best!” And I fully appreciate the answer, which is coming a little later. Because the answer was: “The best religion, the best dharma for all human beings is that, by which you can achieve loving connection to the Supreme Transcendental God.” This process should be ahaituki and apratihata – your devotion should be permanent and without any requirements from your side. And in this way it will make your heart and soul happy. Suprasidate – super happy.


This was the answer – very general and very broad-minded answer. It’s obvious that Suta Gosvami was practicing one certain type of dedicated service to Lord Krishna. Still because there were many different lines represented – like yogis and ascetics, and devotees, and rishis, different type of transcendental people – he was giving a general answer. “The best process is by which you can achieve God.”


Would you like to hear such an answer? Yes – because in this way I don’t have to change my religion so to say, but I have to become very sincere and very serious about it.


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