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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, Sofia)
(continues from the previous Friday)
So, there is the form and there is the essence. The next Chapter says “The Soul Has Its Own Body.”
“If a ghost can show his form, or a yogi can show his form, then is not God able to show His form? He can do so. By His will, “Let there be water,” there was water; and when He said “Let there be light,” there was light. His will is law. Whatever He wants to do, at once it is done; so will He have to have a permanent flesh-and-blood body? At His will He can show anything as He likes, and it is all spiritual with no touch of the contamination of any mundane substance. But the eye in the higher domain of reality, the spiritual eye, is not like the fleshy eye here. Everything is there: the eye, the ear – but they are not the same as here. Just as in dreams, our fleshy eyes do not work, these ears do not work, yet within our dream we see, feel, walk, eat and drink. The mind is only ‘half material,’ and if even in the mental plane all these activities are possible, then transcending that also is the pure spiritual world, and there is the spiritual eye, the spiritual ear, the spiritual mind – everything is spiritual. It is possible.”[1]
In the ancient mystical treatise it is said: “Whatever is up, it is down; and whatever is down, it is up there”. So, whatever we perceive here is a reflection of something original. If we have ears and eyes here, then we have ears and eyes in the absolute plane also. If we have a body, a personality here, which is made of certain substances, we have body and personality in the original plane which is made of a different substance. If we have suffering here, which is limited, we have suffering there which is unlimited – or spiritual, we can say. But don’t forget: this is of a different nature. Here suffering is usually something we don’t like, there there’s suffering we like. Yamuna asked if I am sure. I’m not sure. But nobody asks whether you like it or not. You will get it here and you will get it there. 
Yamuna: Gurudev, it’s a public lecture. 
Swami Tirtha: Ups, I thought that this is an intimate circle. But anything we perceive here as something nasty, rotten – the original thing is pure and essential. And what makes the human body alive, this is the presence of the soul. So, the soul is the essential part. 
“On the battlefield, when two tanks come to fight, the men within the tanks may think: “The tanks are moving like two demons pushing one another!” The tanks are crashing together, but the man is within. Similarly, the soul within this body has its own body, its own plane of living, its own food – everything of its own in the spiritual realm – and this world is the perverted reflection of that realm.” And now please pay attention! Something very important is coming. “We must purely aspire after a life in that spiritual realm, and purity depends on love, and love means sacrifice, “Die to live.”  
This is the essential message. “Purity depends on love and love means sacrifice.” I’m very happy that you make notes on this. 
(to be continued)
1.  The Golden staircase, The Soul Has Its Own Body, by Shridhar Maharaj


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