Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 20.06.2017 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

If we want to analyze more deeply, more precisely Krishna’s name, then we have to separate the characters into K-R-S-N-A; or ‘ka’, ‘la’ or ‘ri’, ‘sa’, ‘na’, ‘a’. So not only ‘krish-na’, but also character by character. In Sanskrit you know the consonants always end with ‘a’, so the ‘k’ is like ‘ka’; ‘m’ is like ‘ma’, etc.

Ka’, the first letter of Krishna’s name, reminds us of the first step of the universe – this is creation. ‘Ka’ is a reflection of the creative power. What is the result of this creation? Creation means existence; remember, ‘krish’ also means ‘existence, reality’. What is the opposite of existence or reality? Nonexistence, death. So what is the power of this ‘ka’ in the beginning of Krishna’s name? It frightens away death. Because this is the creative power, so it is the total opposite of death, of annihilation. And which bodily part of Krishna will remind us of this creative power and this victory over death? Of course now you can quote any part of His body, because we know that Krishna is able to perform any function with any other bodily part. He can drink with the ears, He can speak with the eyes – He is the omnipotent God. But here this function is connected to His beautiful full-moon face. In general Brahma is connected to the creation, but a special Krishna’s form, Janardana, is connected to this first feature. So you see, ‘ka’ means creative power, frightening of death, a full-moon face, Brahma and Janardana. This is the first letter, first character.

What is the second? It is ‘ra’, but it is also used as ‘la’. And if the first character’s function was the creation, then what is the function of the second? It’s maintenance proper. What will be the effect of Krishna’s maintaining power? It will eliminate the sins. Therefore if you feel you have something to get rid of, if you feel you have some sins on stock, try to meditate over this maintaining power of Krishna – ‘la’ or ‘ra’. And this power is represented by the beautiful eyes of Krishna. Otherwise who is connected to the maintaining function of the universe? This is Vishnu, but here in this specific understanding this is Hari-Vishnu, especially The Knower of the Vedas. That means the divine knowledge will eliminate our sins. It will maintain our existence in a proper manner. And this blessing power is represented by the divine eyes of Krishna. Therefore in the Loving search for the lost servant Shrila Shridhara Maharaj describes this very important mantra from the Rig Veda: om tad vishnoh paramam padam sada pashyanti surayo diviva chakshuratatam – “The divine eyes are just like a blessing observer in heaven.” Therefore we are happy to expose ourselves to this divine vision.

And what is the third character of Krishna’s name? ‘Sa’ is the annihilation of the world. So, first “ka’, ‘ra’, ‘sa’ – creation, maintenance and annihilation. Therefore they say if you break up this word ‘God’, what is that? Generator, operator, destructor – G-O-D. We use codes. So here the third letter is ‘sa’ – ‘eliminate, annihilate’. What is the result of ‘sa’? It expels the ghosts, it’s a ghost-repellent. So if you have some little trouble with these guys around, just remember ‘sa’ – this aspect of Krishna’s name. And it really works, many devotees tell their personal stories. Once somebody told she had a nightmare – she was strangled by a ghost. She knew that she will be released if she could pronounce the name, but she could not talk. Finally after big struggle she could pronounce: “Krishna!” and immediately this nightmare finished.

This is the effect of Krishna’s name in this third character. And this is represented by His arms. Usually for what purpose Krishna uses His arms? If He wants to capture something. For example, if He wants to embrace you, He will use His arms. And if you hug somebody, a real hug means strong. Not only 35% patting on the shoulder, but a real hug. Therefore Krishna’s arms are compared to snakes. Because when a snake captures something, just strangles it – so strong! So the beautiful arms of Krishna will save us from these ghosts. And in general who is connected to annihilation? Lord Shiva – he is also always with snakes. And in one sense he is a liberator also.

What is there with the next character? This is ‘na’. Now we are beyond the creation; now we come to the divine platform, therefore only the result we can see. What is the result of this fourth character of Krishna’s name – ‘na’? This will protect us from any disease. And this power is represented by the lotus feet of Krishna. What is the ultimate disease? Illusion – this is the material disease. So if we surrender at the lotus feet of Krishna, we will be protected from this disease.

And finally there is this ‘a’ at the end of Krishna’s name; this will bring you peace. ‘From the sounds I am the A,’ as said in the Gita[1] by Krishna. Lord Jesus repeats the same: “I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.” And this peaceful aspect of Krishna is represented by His whole body. So, if you say ‘Krishna!’, this is not only the bliss of existence, but all these different functions, results and blessings are included.

(to be continued) 

[1] Bhagavad Gita 10.33

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