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There is only one more control that we should follow and this is the control of the mind: “Manah-prasadah saumyatvaḿ maunam ātma-vinigrahah bhava-saḿśuddhir ity etat tapo mānasam ucyate – And satisfaction, simplicity, gravity, self-control and purification of one’s existence are the austerities of the mind.”[1]

These are the three levels of existence – activities, words and thought. And the next verse says: “This threefold austerity, performed with transcendental faith by men not expecting material benefits but engaged only for the sake of the Supreme, is called austerity in goodness.”[2]

So, this sattvic type of control is very elaborately described. Many times we discuss that most probably this is the mind, which is most difficult to control. But there is a very effective method – affection. If you love someone, Krishna for example, you think of Him quite often, you glorify Him, you do some practical service to Him – naturally. This connection helps us to control body-mind complex.

Do you agree that Krishna is the ultimate instrument of control?

Kripadham: Yes.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes. Let’s ask the elderly gopis of Vrindavana if they agree that if you think of Krishna, this is the best control of body, mind, words. Because once it happened that news spread in Vrindavana: a very dangerous snake appeared. It’s a black snake. And the coils of this snake are so strong, that whoever this snake catches is just lost. And this news spread especially among the young gopis, young ladies of Vrindavana. So they were having some fantasies about this snake – how dangerous it is, how great it is, maybe he’s got some venomous teeth or tongues? They were just fantasizing: how is this snake?! And they started to think and meditate on the snake so much that it really started to manifest in Vrindavana. But it was not only one snake, two snakes! The snake has a very special feature. The real snakes always have crowns on their heads. Some gems are there with the snakes. And the snakes move in a meandering way. Sometimes you see that they are just like waves. Approaching you without real movement. And whenever they catch the object, they are never leaving it.

So the young gopis were searching for the snake. Where to find? “If I can see the gems, the reflection of the brilliants on the head of this snake…!” Have you ever had that feeling – when you know that something is dangerous, but still you are searching for it? You want to test illusion. “I know that illusion is dangerous, but still… Let’s check it – if it is really like this or not.”

So, the young gopis were searching for the snake. Under the shade of the trees of Vrindavana they were walking by and searching for the snake. And all of a sudden they have seen some reflection. Special light in the shadow! “Ah, maybe this is the crown of the snake?!” So they try to approach. And then they saw not only one snake, but two snakes. Black, round, long, and there are beautiful gems shining somewhere at the end of these snakes. So they approached. And very special – they are not crawling on the ground, somehow elevated in a very special pose! Like this (holding the flute). So they were approaching the snake, actually the snakes, because they are always two. And when they approached the snakes, these snakes were just… embracing them.

I cannot describe the story anymore. But you can imagine who was the black snake of Vrindavana. And of course all those young ladies who met this black snake this night spread the news very quickly. In the shadow Krishna moves like a snake. But during the day He moves like a small cowherd boy. And the young ladies always had their meditation – thoughts, words and even actions – towards Krishna. Thinking of Him: “When we shall meet the snake again?”– this is Vrindavan by night. And Vrindavan by day is: “When we shall meet the cowherd boy again?” Thoughts. Words – they were discussing always this Krishna. Activities were under control as they were living in the houses of their fathers and mothers. And you know the parents take very nice care of the young girls, not letting them run here and there, not thinking of this and that, not speaking nonsense of snakes. When Krishna was going out for tending the cows, the young ladies were checked from even watching Krishna passing by. And the elderly ladies, the mothers were locking and chaining and blocking all the doors, so that their young ones could not run out to the streets to see Krishna passing by. But you know, if you want to control a child, it is not enough to say: “No!” You have to give some explanation. And how to control a child? Frighten him or her. The elderly gopis said: “No, no, you cannot go out, because there is a very dangerous snake outside. It’s a very poisonous, black snake outside. So you cannot go out.” And then the hearts of the gopis were broken: “Yes, but we want to meet this snake.”

So in a general sense we can agree that focusing on God, thinking of Krishna is the best kind of control. But in special cases the elderly gopis would not agree with your version: “I think of Krishna!” “Better you think of how to make the curd or yoghurt.” “I want to serve Him with body, mind and words!” “Stop this, you cannot go out. There is a snake outside.”

So, control on the elementary platform by thinking of Krishna and no control by thinking of Krishna on a higher platform – both are correct and possible. Which kind of control you choose – elementary or higher? Higher? Beware of the snakes! This is my advice.

Manjari: Why the elderly gopis don’t let the younger ones to see Krishna?

Tirtha Maharaj: Why, why, why? You will understand when you will become an elderly gopi.

[1] Bhagavad Gita 17.16

[2] Bhagavad Gita 17.17

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