Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

We are many different types of devotees sitting together here in this room. One is good, the other is better. Because there are only two types of devotees – the good ones and the better ones. We represent here our different masters, our different lines. There are many different schools and teachers, represented here by the disciples, like Shrila Paramadvaiti Maharaj, Shrila Sadhu Maharaj, Shrila Govinda Maharaj. And on official platform we might say that we belong to different connections. But ultimately we are connected in certain elementary, very basic and very important convictions that we all share. Such a strong tie is the Holy Name of God, something that connects us very strongly – all the different devotees all around the planet. Another very strong connection for all of us – this is devotional service: how we can serve God through our dedication of the heart. And to get a taste of that dedicated service gives us a very direct perception of the divine perfection. Another strong tie that connects us all together is the deep faith in our masters.

So let me tell as a certain line of thought how to broaden our vision. If we put our spiritual master in the center of attention, then only our brothers and sisters will be the intimate circle of our family ties, family connections. All others are, so to say, outside of that circle. But if we put into the center of our attention the master of our spiritual master, all his missions becomes our family. And if we put Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur in the center, then all the different branches of the Gaudia Math and the successor acharyas, gurus and students – they are all our members. So, we have to build a big temple. But if we put Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in the center, then all the lines and big traditions, following His example are also our members. And in Mayapur there is a beautiful temple of Chaitanya Math and there you can see the father-acharyas of the four different sampradayas. So, if we include them also, then even whole South India becomes our brothers and sisters. Millions! But if we put, beyond Mahaprabhu, Krishna in the center, then all the different other worshipers of Krishna become our brothers and sisters. But if we put Radhika also together with Krishna, then all the lovers of Radha also become our brothers and sisters. If we put Vishnu in the center, the worshipers of Krishna, Rama, Varaha, Nrisimha and all the other avatars become our brothers. But if we put God in the center, the majority of humanity is our brothers. And what about the atheists? Maybe the atheists are excluded? No, they are the future bhaktas, we can preach to them.

It is very nice to be faithful to our specific line, through which the divine touch came to us, but we should never be chauvinistic about our spiritual masters. The broader and the deeper vision we have, most probably we can serve better our spiritual masters, because all realized souls have universal vision, they perceive God’s presence everywhere.

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