Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 08.05.2017 morning, Rila)

(continues from the previous Friday)

It is suggested for the brahmins also to consume blood. Can you explain me how?

Paramananda: In the form of milk.

Swami Tirtha: Correct. Because milk is actually a transformation of blood. Therefore there is a saying ‘the baby has drunk this with the mother’s milk’). Why? Because that came to him through this substance. It transfers the consciousness, it transfers the message. In this way if the brahmins take blood and flesh of the cows – the blood is the milk and the flesh is the ghee. This is our animal sacrifice. If you say “Sva-ha”, you pour the ghee into the sacrificial fire, without interrupting the life of the living being. If you offer the milk and then take it, then it will bring a different state of consciousness to you.

So, sacrifice is a very complex thing. Everything depends on the influence of the gunas. Those under limited or lower influence they will offer the body, they will kill the body. We should offer the consciousness. That’s very delicate. In a very refined way we have to make this sacrifice, because the ultimate sacrifice is to give your life and love, your flesh and blood. This is what we have to dedicate in a very aesthetic manner.

Question of Mahadev: Gurudev, a very weird thought came to my mind. People say that the human milk is closest to the goat’s milk. Does it mean that necessarily we have similar consciousness like goats, or it’s just chemical similarity?

Swami Tirtha: I don’t know, I didn’t hear this. But usually we prefer the cow’s milk, because that is sattvic. Other types of animals convey different types of mentalities. But the goat milk is very popular, because it’s less rejected by the body. The body is usually more tolerant to take it if you have intolerance to lactose. If you have some problem, then it might help you. So, maybe this is one reason why they consider it more befitting – due to health issues.

But in any case milk is a transfer of loving care.


(to be continued)


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