Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Goloka Vrindavana
Question of Krishna Priya: I have a question connected with the “going back home”. I am wondering is there a real other place where we should go or is it again in this world but with different consciousness, because I am receiving such kind of answers, that it is here but with different consciousness. And that’s not helping me at all as an idea.
Tirtha Maharaj: You have received such answers from whom?
Krishna Priya: From different devotees.
Tirtha Maharaj: Who are these different devotees?
Krishna Priya: I cannot tell.
Tirtha Maharaj: Then I cannot answer.
Krishna Priya: If this is not the true answer, I didn’t want to put them in a trouble by telling you their names.
Tirtha Maharaj: So, you want to let them rot in illusion?
Krishna Priya: No, they will also hear the answer, right?
Tirtha Maharaj: I can see, that you can fight for your rights. You can defend your points, which is nice. But the answer is “yes” and “no”. Because Goloka Vrindavan is Goloka Vrindavan. It is a place. But at the same time Gokula Vrindavan is not simply a place to visit, it is a level of consciousness. If you are on that level of consciousness, whenever you look, you see Krishna, His pastimes, His devotees, His lilas. But irrespective of your private realizations and private connection in this everyday platform, there is a certain place which is the divine realm of our Supreme Divine Couple.
Krishna Priya: Thanks God! My question is provoked by that in Bulgaria not long time ago there were cases of very brutal and cruel attitude towards animals and for me principally is very hard to understand and accept that. And that’s why may be I am dreaming for a completely different place and world.
Tirtha Maharaj: What to speak for cruelty to animals, we exercise cruelties to each other. Isn’t it?
Krishna Priya: Yes, but there is so strong contradiction between that you are so strong and that small little animal is so weak, and still, such incredible cruelty.
Tirtha Maharaj: Well, sometimes it works the other way round – a small little virus comes to you, and a small little thing can bring down a very big and a very powerful guy. This fight of existence is always going on, don’t be surprised. But if there is some extra cruelty, unnatural, of course that is a sin. For a tiger to kill an antelope this is not a sin, this is a diet. But if we do mistakes trying to hide behind our diet or instincts or whatever, this is a sin.
And we live in the world of action and reaction, right? You act – you will have reactions. It looks, it sounds very elementary. “Oh, I want to hear nectar, rasic topics”. But if you haven’t understood action-reaction, what is the use of talking about anything higher? To speak of very high things and meanwhile going on with the same old cruel principles and practices, it is just useless. So, the change of consciousness should start finally. If you are the same brutal guys in your dhotis or saris, then what is the change? At least, before you were torturing the outsiders, now you torture the devotees. That’s even worse! It is not a change. Change of dress is not a change of consciousness. We have to change our consciousness, our mood, our vision and our activities. Manasa deho geho, everything we have to dedicate to the Lord. We should depend on Him, not on our power. And if we have that delicate vision, then we shall see His marvelous activities all over.
(to be continued)Goloka Vrindavana

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