Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

According to the level of the influence of the gunas, we shall try to find happiness. I think we discussed this many times: when people in tama-guna want to enjoy they drink, have some very bad practices and finally they fight – putting the knife into each-other’s shoulder or back. In rajas they also try to enjoy the senses unlimited. And in sattva they have different source of enjoyment – like knowledge, good behavior, virtuous activities or religious activities… like this.

Once Gaura Kishora das Babaji Maharaj was meeting some of his followers and admirers. And one of them told him that “Tomorrow there is a celebration” – the appearance day of some great vaishnava saint. Babaji Maharaj said: “O, very nice! Then we shall make a big feast!” Then came the question: “A big feast?! We don’t have anything, not even a penny to buy even rice to distribute… what kind of big feast you are talking about?” And he said: “O, we shall fast whole day and chant the holly names and this is our fulfillment.” Who will take part of that “great feast”?! Only those who have the taste for that.

Just like once I met some devotees and they asked: “Where do you live?” And I said: “I live outside of the city in a little farm-house and we have no running water, no electricity, no nothing – very simple.” The young men asked: “And who will be attracted to this?” Actually I was satisfied by that question because it shows that this is a kind of demarcation line; if somebody is able to cross that limitation of little tapasya, he can come, he is accepted.

So those who have the same taste will come together. Those who try to find material happiness, they also associate with each-other. And we, who are searching for spiritual happiness – we shall also associate. Association of the devotees is very impressive. Why? Because you have some common goal. And you can manifest harmony, which is so much missing in the world. In many different respects we can manifest this harmony – in our activities, in our union, in our ideals – that we agree on some basic points. And also starting from that we agree how to act, we have the same kind of activities. And in this way you have a chance to come to some more permanent happiness or satisfaction.

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