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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



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(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 20.08.2015, morning, Ludashto)
(continues from the previous Monday)
Siddhartha, siddha-sankalpa, siddhi-da, siddhi-sadhana.[1]
Siddha-sankalpa – the second name. Sankalpa is a commitment, is dedicating yourself, is a decision. When you decide: ‘Yes! I am for siddha, I am for perfection! Whatever I do, I do it for perfection.’ And don’t forget, our perfection is this molten heart. So, even if we have to chastise ourselves, we do it for the softening of the heart.
Without sankalpa there is no progress and no results. Therefore in all rituals you will find a sankalpa: this ritual is for the service of Vishnu; or this fire sacrifice is for the peace of the world. And we all individually have to find, identify and strengthen this sankalpa in our life, in our spiritual practice. Sankalpa will give you the strength. No doubt we need a lot of efforts and a lot of perseverance in our spiritual practices and as soon as we declare a sankalpa, it will provide a special power. Therefore you have to be very careful about your sankalpa.
Once I made a mistake. At the samadhi mandir[2] of Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur I was praying for the chance of preaching. Later on I understood the mistake: I forgot to ask for power, strength. There was so much engagement that I hardly could accomplish. Today I would pray for strength. But don’t commit the same mistake again: you pray for power, yet you forget to ask for service.
So sankalpa, your dedication, is a very important thing. And once you have given it, you cannot take it back. It’s not nice. Siddha-sankalpa.
Siddhi-da, the next name: siddhi is the perfection itself and da is one who provides. So, even if you commit yourself to perfection, even if you follow all the goals of perfection, perfection will be provided by Him, not by our own efforts. So fortunate we are! If it depends on our efforts, what kind of perfection could we achieve? A half-perfection or an invalid perfection? Or what? Technical perfection in this age is practically impossible. But what kind of perfection is very much possible? That one which is provided by divinity. It’s given to you – as a gift!
But the last name compromises my words. Because it looks like that in order to achieve the unconditional, merciful siddhi provision we should follow a siddhi-sadhana, a sadhana for perfection. Or let’s follow another sadhana – the perfection of sadhana. Not a sadhana for perfection, but the perfection of sadhana. If you follow sadhana, then you will become a siddha, a sadhu, a perfected person. In the past and in the future there is only one class of human beings – siddha, perfected ones. Or hamsas – pure like the swans. And swans like clean water. Especially when this is a lake; then this lake is called after them. Swan Lake. Tchaikovsky must have been in deep meditation at that time. So, the saints, the swan-like saintly persons, come together on the banks of a virtual lake. For what reason? In order to practically serve divinity and the ashram. Why? Because they derive a special taste from this.
So, Siddhartha, Siddha-sankalpa, Siddhi-da, Siddhi-sadhana – the goal of perfection, the decision for perfection, the gift of perfection and the perfection of sadhana – this is our way.
(to be continued)
1.  Vishnu Sahasra Nama, vs.27
2.  Name for a temple, shrine or memorial commemorating the dead.


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