Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



When there is a change of time, many troubles are there. Therefore the holly people, holly men started to make a sacrifice. Whenever there is a problem, by sacrifice you can solve the problems. By coming together with saintly people you can solve the problems. At that time they had such a broad vision, that they were concerned by the future of the whole universe. What is the level of our problems? How to maintain my life, how to manage from today till tomorrow… Little smaller problems than the future of the world or the universe. Still the same method you can apply. Come together with saints, discuss, take instructions, make some sacrifice in your life and it will help the whole world to go on.


In the “Gopala Tapani Upanishad” it is explained; when the rishis were inquiring from Brahma: “Please explain us the Gopal mantra” – at the end of this mantra there is “svaha” – and many other names and Brahma explains all the names one by one and finally he says: “Svaha at the end means sacrifice.” And by sacrifice the whole world is turning around.


You can try – if you have a problem, make some little sacrifice. You don’t have to torture your body. But little sacrifice is very beneficial.


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