Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Kripadham: My question is related to the last topic we discussed, the master, and more specifically with the mood of the master. From one hand it is said that each master has his own mood and that is what differentiates the different masters. From the other hand it is said that each master represents the mood of his master, he of his and so forth. So my question is finally what mood are we following? And following this, what kind of service shall we achieve?

Tirtha Maharaj: It’s a kind of tricky question. The one sun is reflected in the many drops of dew. So what taste we are following? We are following the original taste. And through all these little pearls, finally we can come to the one sun. Because it is Krishna’s power, manifested here and there and He unifies all the different rasas, all the different feelings, moods, knowledge – whatever.

But what is more interesting in your question is if we have a private taste, private mood so to say, or the mood of someone else? But surrender means that you surrender your private taste, you give up your private taste. Then the taste and the mood and the influence of someone will exercise its mercy on you. And you cannot give up one condition without taking shelter in the higher condition. So if you want to get rid of your, so to say, private mood, your selfish mood, you have to take shelter of divine mood. As I said, our mind, our understanding is limited; the divine part is not limited. Where we see difference,Krishnasees unity. But the opposite is also true – where we see unity,Krishnawill see diversity.

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