Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Some mystics say that there are seven stages of human existence…. Let’s speak about the first, second and third. These are the basics – actually having human form, but not having human consciousness. Very basic, only working according to the guna’s influences. Not being able to use the talents, that are provided somehow – the consciousness is almost hidden, used for a wrong purpose. Step by step you can come to higher and higher levels of existence. To realize our existential nature in a more concrete, in a more precise form. The perfection of human tattva – we can say – or jiva-tattva is also known in the Indian tradition. Lord Jesus is mentioned as the top human – so to say “human” – divine human being. Very high level. He is able to use all the talents, that are provided to humans.
According to our tradition this is Lord Brahma, the first living entity in the universe. He has all the human qualities, but in perfection, full, complete. Beyond him there is Shiva, who is more than human category, but little less than divine category – in between the two. Has much more power then the humans, the best of humans, but little less than Vishnu or Narayan. So that level is even higher.

Humans can possess 50 qualities of the divine complete picture – but in small proportion. Brahma can have these 50 qualities in full. Shiva can have 55. Narayan has 60. But Krishna has 4 extras. And this is the main topic. What is this special feature of Krishna – why we like Him as Supreme? This is His lila (pastimes), His rupa (form), His venu (flute) and His madhuryam (beauty). So these are the four special, specific features of Krishna. And Radharani is responding to these features; She also has four characteristics to perceive these qualities. And it is also said that if a devotee purifies himself totally, completely, then all the divine qualities of Krishna will manifest in his personality.

Is this the seventh level? Or may be this is the 108-th level. So, perfection for the human being is to enter the pastimes of Krishna. To join His play. This is the top achievement in the existence.

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