Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Usually the devotees cook a lot. The kitchen services are not unknown to the devotees, right? So what happens when there is a bottle of oil, the cap is missing and from a vertical position the bottle is removed to the horizontal position – what will happen with the oil? It will spill, right? But it will flow in a very nice way, slowly, yet uninterruptedly. This is the nature of the oil – that its movement is slow, but uninterrupted and in a very nice flow. Humans are given vertical position by Brahma. We walk erect. So all the oil that is contained in your heart and soul is just staying in your bottle. You are an oil bottle. But when you enter the temple and you put your body in horizontal position, then your oil will spill out. Then the essential nectar that you have contained, that you have collected so far is just poured to the lotus feet of Krishnaas an offering. And this flow goes slowly, so the dedication of our nectar will go slowly, step by step, it is not just gushing forth, but flowing – yet uninterrupted. The permanent flow of dedication – we can say this is bhakti-yoga.

Another very important ingredient of the vaishnava kitchen is the honey. So we can say that the general offering from our bottle is the oil which is pouring out. But a pure devotee comes with a different bottle. His bottle is a jar of honey. We should offer this honey also to Krishna. Therefore we can conclude that bhakti as a path is dedication. And by following this path certain perfections you can achieve.

Just remove the cap. We have to open up and for the selected few it might happen by themselves, but usually we need some little help for this opening up. Many different practices will help this to happen; the blessings of the great ones will help this happen. And the invitation will also remove this. If we want to use this symbol we can say that this is the act of dedication of the soul or the initiation that will provide such a surplus energy so that the cap is removed.

But there is another duty – that we should keep this bottle open. It is not that once you open and then you close it down. Then it will not work. The flow of the oil should be uninterrupted. Don’t block the flow. So we should come to that platform of selfless dedication because nobody should explain to the oil how to spill and how to flow, right – it just flows, naturally. This is raga-bhakti, spontaneous flow. The oil cannot do anything else, just flows. It cannot contain itself.

Sadhana-bhakti means your bottle is sealed, not only closed, but sealed! You try to make it spill and it does not come. You do, you do, but there is no result. Raga-bhakti is different, your bottle is open and you do not have to explain to your oil how to spill.

First enter sadhana! But ultimately dedication of the self and love of Godhead is a natural function of the soul. You do not have to explain the soul how it is. What you have to explain is how to remove the covers. This is what you have to explain. But the soul is naturally connected toKrishna. So if you remove all the obstacles, it will naturally come. This is the point. Only this! Remove the obstacles. Is that difficult? No! All right, it is not easy. But is it complicated? No, it is simple, but difficult.

A very nice and effective way to remove the obstacles is glorification of the Lord.

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