Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Hari Lila: In “Bhagavad-gita” it is said, that we are in illusion, and all that is happening to us – good or bad – we should stay away from it. Is this important for us – all these emotions,  that we are experiencing now in our body? Are they important for our spiritual development? Or we are in illusion, it is not important, we should not experience all this?

Tirtha Maharaj: If I would be a fanatic, I would say: it has no importance. But as I try to be less fanatic, then I would say that we are living in a world of experience, and by experience we can come to conclusions. Because it is easy to speak about divine love, but if we experience divine love – that is completely different. Spiritual experience we can have even on the bodily platform – some visions, some deep feelings, some purification – we can feel. And also we have to evaluate our feelings and what is happening to us in this world from the spiritual point of view. For example if you suffer a lot, then you will be very understanding – in a good case. If you are a materialist, you will be a bitter person after much suffering; if you are a nice soul, then you will be very understanding . Or if our heart is full of divine love, then we shall be able to share it, give it to others. Usually humans learn from extremities: the very difficult moments you will remember, and the very best moments. These are important turning points in our lives. And definitely, I would say, they help our spiritual growth. Especially disillusionment. When we enter illusions – well, that will help you only after coming out of the trap. When you understand that this was wrong – then it will help your growth. And if we experience the power and the beauty of the attraction between the souls, for example – now, this is very scientific description – if you fall in love, to put it simply, then you will understand what does it mean to fall in love with Krishna. When you feel the euphoric feeling of flying over the earth minimum ten centimeters, divine love is not the same – it is much better, it is much stronger. But in this way we have a glimpse, a small little reflection of the original. Or another feeling: love of the mothers. What a deep feeling you have for your kids! It is almost beyond description. But how beautiful it is that Krishna is described as a little boy! And you can reflect on the feelings of the mother and father: how Mother Yashoda is kissing the soles of  little Krishna… Who has this capacity to kiss the lotus feet of God?! It is reserved only for the mothers. You can do it free, nobody will check you.

So through the human feeling we can have understanding about the divine feelings – if we have the right vision. If we understand, that these are reflections and if we take it as a cultivation, like a practice. I do this service to my child, in order that I learn how to offer the same to God. Because to your child you give everything – beyond your capacity. I had observed: ladies without children – they are complaining about everything. I mean, the young matajis in the ashram: “Ah, I am so tired, I have to lay down, I cannot do this…” Immediately when they start to become mothers, so much energy is coming to them. They are ready to wake up at midnight. Before if I would ask: “Please, come to the morning arati,” they say: “Ah, I am so tired!” But for the kid they are ready to jump any time, right?! Why? Because the loving energy is manifested there. And what is very difficult to give to God, or even to the deity, you can give to your personal deity, to your personal god so easy. Naturally you do! You do not have to explain, this is not a philosophy – you do! You feel, you do! To that platform we should come – when devotional service is so natural for us.  If you hear the flute of Krishna, you do not say: “I need another half an hour sleep,” but immediately you jump. This is a natural state of devotion. And in this way we can train ourselves on the human platform.

Hari-lila: I hoped that it will be like this, because otherwise the material world has no meaning, no reason.

Tirtha Maharaj: This is just a training field. And when the mystery happens to you, then it will be converted. When we have this vision, that this is not a different world, but this world also belongs to Krishna, this is also His lila here – then this is very close to perfection. With Krishna hell becomes paradise. Without Krishna paradise becomes hell.

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