Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Today we have to discuss a very special topic – yoga. Yoga means a very special connection. We are human beings and that means we need company. Just like today in the evening we came together and this is an occasion and a chance to raise our level of energies. And yoga means connection – connection between hearts and hearts, souls and souls, human and divine. But also in our topic mystic connection or mysticism is included, yet actually mysticism means to keep silent. So how can we speak about mysticism? It’s practically impossible, because we have to keep silent. But as we are human beings, we want to share what we have. And the most important thing that we have is our emotions. Emotion means you have a surplus and you want to give to others. Emotion also means a lover. Therefore to speak – this is death for a mystic; and to keep silent – this is death for a lover. So what to do? Shall we keep a little silence in order to penetrate our inner realms? Let’s do it. And in order to help our silence, let me produce a sound. This sound is a divine sound. It comes from a very special instrument, this is a singing bowl. Try to tune yourself.

I think we could have a mystic experience. What is the influence of sound on our inner world, on our inner heart, on our consciousness? This day was full of hassles for all of you. But finally we arrived to a beautiful place, just behind the greatest cathedral in Sofia, in a beautiful home of arts. And then we had to enter the stairs leading down. That shows that we have to go deep in our own spiritual science. Most probably you have perceived the beautiful smell. And we have very good company here – beautiful pictures from practically one of the most mysterious parts of the world. And then a sound exercised a great effect on our consciousness. So actually this is what we have to research.

The questions of consciousness – this is a very important topic. We human beings are considered to be homo sapiens – that means intelligent beings. But sometimes we forget to use our intelligence. It is said maximum 5-10% of our brain substance we use consciously. And even that 5% for what reason? For all the stupidity. Although human life is a very important, a very precious occasion. The ancient science of yoga says that it is very rare to take a human birth. There are many millions of different varieties of life forms and finally we have achieved the human form. And this is a very special occasion not for simply living just like all other living beings, but we have a special chance and this special chance is the perfection.

But then I have to ask: what is the perfection of life? To achieve some success? It’s not bad. Or to win the lottery? I’ve heard that sometimes this is quite a good sum here, but many times you can see that it destroys those who win. Or to achieve anything else material? Well, we wouldn’t neglect all these necessities of life, but it does not matter how much material benefits you will enjoy, the inner peace and the inner satisfaction is different. Everything depends on our consciousness. We might feel: “I suffer too much”, or we might feel that “I’m very happy”, but this is very relative. If you suffer, just think of the sufferings of all the living beings on the planet Earth and your personal, private suffering will be very insignificant. And when I feel very happy, my small little private happiness compared to all the happiness on this planet Earth is again very insignificant.

So we can say, even the objective realities are very subjective. What is very dear to me is very offensive to others. I’d like to listen to my favorite music very loud, but my neighbor is upset. Something is an enjoyment for one and this is a suffering for the other. We live in a world of action and reaction. Are you satisfied with these two options – action and reaction? Maybe we are not so much satisfied, but this is our reality: we act and we reap the harvest.

But action and reaction – this is only two aspects. We need a third aspect and this is perfection. Action – reaction – perfection. The third aspect is very important for us, because we are intelligent people, right? And intelligence means that you achieve your goals. Achieve your spiritual goals!



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