Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

We have to note which service will bring us further, but it is even more important which service is dear to Krishna. Maybe something is attractive for me, but if it is attractive for Krishna – that is the main question.

For the next years, dear fathers and mothers, raise your kids to be honest and reliable persons, and good devotees. We should not forget about this minimum twenty years duty. And after that you will see how your investment pays off. How much your dedication is growing in the hearts of your kids. Please share with others what you have perceived. If there is an experience, there is something to share. Study the scriptures and try to feel deeply that this is direct worship of the Divine Couple and this kind of sacrifice is also dedicated directly to Them. Establish and develop your private life, but beyond that help the progress of the mission. And do not think that it is too complicated. If you become a little better devotees or a little happier persons, that is a big contribution. The spiritual unity will give incredible power and it will help to avoid disharmony. You can contribute with some practical work also.

We should always think about the next generation, coming after us, following us. Give to the new devotees the same what you have got – that attention, that happiness, that service, that is provided to you by other devotees. Preserve the achievements and multiply them. If you sow a seed it will fructify after some time. Appreciate all results, however small or insignificant they are, because it is given by Krishna. We should be able to share the happiness of divine service with others. Help the progress of others – this will make you really satisfied. I am together with you in the service of beauty and love.

And I would like to say thanks to all of you for your services these years. Because you are doing great job. Illusion is very attractive and she can engage her servants completely. So that is a real miracle that somebody wants to escape that charm and decides that “I want to dedicate my life in divine service.” Usually the duty of the spiritual master is not to say good, nice words about devotees. Still I have to say that your god brothers and god sisters appreciate you very much. They see some example in you. And something more I have to tell you, now speaking as a friend: that your spiritual master loves you very much. The Sofia mood is so important for Hungarian devotees that they cherish it like the highest and the most burning, flaming essence. Somebody is protecting you from all bad influence.

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