Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Now, you are sitting only four here. But it is small beginnings, greater ends. When we gave the first public lecture in Győr, there were three persons including the lecturer. Since that time this is very nicely and well established ashram, one of the headquarters of devotional service. Many devotees are working there very devotedly. Or another place, Pécs: at the very beginning some of the devotees made video recordings of one or two of the very first lectures there. And there was the whole group, everybody was there: 4-5 devotees. It was a small temple room – half of this – it was empty. But recently as you know we have moved to a bigger place and on the weekly meetings there are either 20 or 30 or 40 people. That means the temple room became small.


Small beginnings – greater ends. Do not forget that we are living for sacrifice. And without sacrifice nothing works. Therefore at the end of some mantras we chant “svaha” . Svaha” means the sacrifice. And that sacrifice is such a force, such a power, that makes the world turn around. Without that not even the material sphere works. That power helps the devotees to go on. From this we can understand that yagya or sacrifice maintains the world, maintains life. And when devotees submit themselves, surrender, then it is just like many millions of lifetimes’ burden just taken off from their backs. Therefore it is just like catharsis experience. So try to make sacrifice. This is happy, this is dignified. If you give your life for the service of others they will also join and you will not lose your life but you will gain your life. Krishna will supply unlimited resources.


We should always be connected in yoga. Yoga means you are connected. Krishna is the main computer, you are like a small terminal. Not so much capacity. When you are connected to the main source that is yoga. If you are alone – very small capacity. When you are connected everything can manifest. This is yoga. Yoga is not the mystical thing of manipulating the physical or the mind energies. Yoga is love connection. Therefore it is so strong. So always remain in yoga, connected.

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