Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Tirtha Maharaj: Everybody knows “Bhagavad Gita”?

Somebody: We know that “Gita” exists but we don’t know everything about it.

Tirtha Maharaj: Same with me. I know that it exists, but so many secrets are hidden there, it’s unlimited! And still, to give you small little information on the “Gita” – this is the Divine Song. So, we should understand that these are the direct words of the Supreme Lord. Therefore we have to pay attention to these words. And “Bhagavad Gita” is a very sacred holy scripture. As you said, this is full of secrets and one lifetime is not enough to understand all the secrets. Nevertheless, we have to try to understand more and more.

This is a conversation between God Supreme, Krishna, and His good friend and disciple, Arjuna. We can say that this is a textbook on how to convince the other. “The easy way to convince your partner”. You know these books: “The easy way…” or “The thirty points of becoming successful”. So, in one sense this is a textbook: how to convince the other person. Why? Because Krishna, God Himself, He had an opinion, He had a purpose to fulfill. And He had a friend, Arjuna – the human being, who is opposing divine will. So Arjuna is you and me. Because all the life we are trying to oppose God’s desire. Right, He has a purpose, but we have a different opinion. Although we are, you know, not in the same category, because He has created this whole universe and you had created only the small little trouble in your life, this is our creation. It is just like the fighters, the boxers – very light category and the heavyweight champions.

So, this is a symbol, this is a parable of one party convincing the other. And how it happened? The divine opinion won. So, if you want to convince others on certain topics, follow this example. Because Krishna is very tenderly, nicely treating Arjuna, instructing him, helping him to understand what should be done, but there is no escape. No escape, there is only one solution for this riddle but to say “yes”. Very simple, the solution is very simple: say “yes”. So difficult to learn this! But this life means we are in a learning process.

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