Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 04.01.2018 pm, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday)

Now let’s see the third category of servitors – the constant associates.

“In the city of Dvaraka the following devotees are known as Krishna’s close associates: Uddhava, Daruka, Satyaki, Shrutadeva, Shatrujit, Nanda, Upananda and Bhadra. All of these personalities remain with the Lord as His secretaries, but still they are sometimes engaged in His personal service.”[1]

From these personalities let’s take the first two. Who is Daruka? Daruka is the charioteer of Krishna. This is a very prestigious position. Why? Because Krishna has taken this position in connection with Arjuna. It’s something very intimate – Krishna acts in submission, as a servant. He is ready to render that service to His friends. But just imagine that person, from whom Krishna will accept such service!

Sometimes people think that to have a prestigious car is something. And they are happily driving their own cars. But it’s very low-class. Real high-class is to have a driver. If you drive your own car – it’s low-class. Why? Because here Krishna has a driver. This is really elegant. Because sometimes He is ready to act like this. Isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t that an intimate connection? At the same time this also means control. Because if you drive your own car, it’s only you who knows where you go. But if you have a driver, he will also know where are you going. Somebody is always there to have an eye on you.

So, this is Daruka; strangely enough, I have a friend and his name is Daruka and he is a car mechanic. You see, the name and the profession are connected.

The other person here is Uddhava. Uddhava is a very special friend of Krishna. Before Krishna left this planet, Uddhava had the feeling: ‘I don’t have too much time.’ So, he humbly asked Krishna: “Can You, please, summarize again what is most important?” And then Krishna again summarized His teachings in the Uddhava Gita. These are very, very condensed and very meaningful chapters in the Eleventh Canto of the Shrimad Bhagavatam.

Uddhava is also a very intimate servant of Krishna. Sometimes he acts as a messenger. And as he is very similar by features to Krishna, when he came to Vrindavana the gopies were perplexed: “Maybe our Kirshna has returned? Ah no, this is only Uddhava…” And also Uddhava has different-different tastes, different-different relationships with Krishna. Basically friendship; and a little superior – like a senior friend or relative; and also an affectionate friend. So, do you feel the difference between a simple friend and an affectionate friend? There is a very big difference.

“Out of the many close associates of Lord Krishna, Uddhava is considered the best. The following is a description of him: “His body is blackish like the colour of the Yamuna River, and it is similarly as cool as the waters. He is always decorated with flower garlands first used by Lord Krishna, and he is dressed with yellow silk clothing. His two arms are just like the bolts of a door, his eyes are just like lotus flowers, and he is the most important devotee among all the associates. Let us therefore offer our respectful obeisances unto Uddhava’s lotus feet.

Uddhava has described the transcendental qualities of Shri Krishna as follows: “Lord Shri Krishna, who is our master and worshipable Deity, the controller of Lord Śiva and Lord Brahma, and the controller of the whole universe as well, accepts the controlling orders of Ugrasena, His grandfather. He is the proprietor of millions of universes, but still He begged a little land from the ocean. And although He is just like an ocean of wisdom, He sometimes consults me. He is so great and magnanimous, yet He is engaged in His different activities just like an ordinary person.”

You see, this is what we appreciate, this is what we love in Him – He comes as a human.

(to be continued)

[1] Nectar of devotion, Ch. 36

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