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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 06.01.2013, evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Until we have a material body we have urges and we have to take care of our senses. For example the ear – the ear always wants to hear something. ‘Give me the new garbage! Do we have some bad news about this person?’ We are very greedy for something bad, something negative. It is said that the bad news had already circulated the globe three times until the good news tied the shoelaces. These sensory functions are designed like this: catching on the bad news, etc., etc. So, what to do? In the old historic times sometimes they plucked out the eyes or poured some hot lead into the ears. A nice way to stop these sensory functions, ah? I don’t suggest if you want to control your ears to apply hot lead. We have to control them in a different way. If we have a hearing capacity, we should use it in the service of Krishna. If you have vision, don’t look at the fault of others; better you see the beauty of the deities, etc. etc. We can engage the senses in service. And in this way if you engage the gates of your body in devotional service, the body will be purified. Then it is not passionate, it becomes sattvic. Later on in the Gita it is said that when there is an illumination over the gates of the body that is a signal of spiritual elevation. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what this is. But it’s very easy – just look at the face of a devotee! Then immediately you will understand what this shine is, what is this illumination. Because if you get engaged in devotional service, a special type of surcharge will come to you. Then your city is not passionate. Then your body is a perfect instrument to achieve your spiritual goals.

But in order that the body functions properly, you have to take care of these gates, you have to take care of the bodily needs. Krishna gives the foodstuff. Krishna gives the good message of spiritual knowledge. Krishna shows His beautiful form. Through the holy name all the features, all the aspects to the Supreme are revealed to us. So, the best engagement in body and in mind is the cultivation of this divine connection, devotional service – practice of bhakti yoga, affectionate connection.

What happens if a devotee starts to chant the holy names? His gates or her gates will change. The gates of the body are closed to stupidity, to all the material impulses and only the spiritual will penetrate these gates.

And first of all through the name what will be revealed to you? The name itself. How is it through the name – the name?! Yes, through the name, the name – because this is a practice and you will reach a more penetrating vision. So, through this beautiful process of chanting God’s names something is revealed to us. Naam, what is the second? Rupa, what is rupa? Rupa is form; other meanings? Beauty. Silver. Other meaning? Rupa Goswami?! Other meaning? Rupa Manjari. So, through the name first you understand the name and by further progress in your enlightenment you will understand the beauty – the form of beauty and the beauty of the form of Krishna. And although Krishna is black, dark, yet some silver hue we shall also understand around Him. And that is the real beauty! The dark silver or the silver hue darkness. But those who will reveal us this inner depth of our spiritual ideals are these two personalities – Rupa Goswami and Rupa Manjari. Therefore all the vaishnavas belonging to this line are called rupanuga-vaishnavas – those who follow the footsteps of Rupa Goswami. So, you are followers of a beautiful form, which is not an external form, this is a spiritual form of beauty.

And what else is revealed through the name? Guna, the beautiful qualities of Krishna. Ananta Shesha, the primordial snake of eternity, representing the endless variety of the Universe, has got thousands of heads. And on the thousands of heads He’s got thousands of mouths. And He engages His mouth in glorifying the qualities of Krishna, yet He cannot reach an end. Krishna, God, has unlimited qualities. Some are secondary, some are primary. I think you know what the primary aspects are.

And finally something more is revealed to us. Lila is revealed to us. Lila is game, play, sport, pastime. Our God is not a boring personality, sitting on a throne of absolute eternity, doing nothing. He is ready to join the game. Or maybe we should be humbly ready to join His game – if we receive the invitation. But through the name you can enter all these secrets of spiritual enlightenment – the mystics of the name, of the form, of the qualities and of the pastimes of God. Then you become a resident of a different city – not anymore a material city full of passion, but a citizen of a spiritual city. That is how a material body can be spiritualized. Then what happens? You can overcome the limitations of nature.

(to be continued)


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