Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(continues from the previous issue)

To neutralize the power of fire, sun, water and poison – well, as Kali Yuga is progressing I think we should develop these siddhis. Because the sun is scorching so heavily these years that the sheep in Peru and Argentina go blind due to the rays of the sun. Or if you go out in the sunshine too much, you get this skin cancer; and many other things. And to neutralize water and poison – in most of the cities, in most of the countries you cannot drink water, it is just poison. Or you drink the tap water and a he, I mean the male person, gets so much female hormones from the water, that soon he becomes a “she”. We have to neutralize a lot of things, so again I say that these mystic powers become very useful.

And suffer no defeat from anyone – it sounds good. Especially in this age of competition spirit – if you have no fear that I will suffer defeat from anyone – this is a major siddhi. Always become first.

But these are minor things. “These are the siddhis following by yoga concentration, typically mentioned by Me. Now hear from Me what siddhi can be acquired, through which mood of concentration and how. He, who focuses his mind identified with the subtle elements on Me as soul in the subtle elements and worships Me in that form alone acquires My power of assuming an atomic size and therefore attaining the capacity to enter even a slab of stone.”[1]

So, who focuses and concentrates on the subtle elements and worships Krishna in the subtle elements or in the form of subtle elements he can minimize himself. But we discussed our ways of practicing these siddhis and achieving them, like doing your service, practicing your humility, dedication of yourself. I think you can stop here. By glorifying the way of dedication – because the way of dedication will give you all the siddhis and more, it will give the param-siddhi. Because it is said very nicely by Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura – bakata-seva parama-siddhi – the supreme perfection is to serve the devotees. So whatever version the yogis might have for this siddhi or for that siddhi, our main perfection is loving service to the Supreme Lord, to the Divine Couple and to the servants of the Supreme Lord. So – bakata-seva parama-siddhi. Jay Radhe! Hari Hari bol!




[1] “Shrimad Bhagavatam” 11.15.9-10

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