Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

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Then the next one: “The capacity to see and hear from unusual distance.” Mystic insight or to cover big distances by hearing and seeing. “Movement with the speed which can be increased according to one’s will.” And this is not called “a fancy car”. Then: “Taking any form at will.” So, you can change your form. These days material science and this new type of medicine and plastic surgery provides this – by nature it is little small here, so let’s put some silicon there. Or maybe some wrinkles come, let’s make it more bright, or whatever. And even they can change the gender of the body. So it is not such a big miracle that bodies are changed. Spirit is the same but body is changing. So, people try to make anything to enjoy life better. They are given a certain type of body, but they say: “No, I want another type! Maybe ladies enjoy more, so I want to become a lady.” And then they make a little adjustment here and there and start to put some polish on the nails and go to hair-stylist and then he or she, I don’t know, they feel happy. What the yogis achieve in a mystic way, we try to achieve in a mechanical way; and this is very ugly, very disgusting. That one is a mystic power. And you can see as the age goes by, I mean the Kali-yuga improves from the finer, more delicate methods we come down to very basic, very rude methods to achieve something similar. It is not the same, because now the main goal is how to enjoy more comforts. At that time the goal was completely different. They wanted to serve better, or they wanted to investigate better, or they wanted to speak the language of the animals to understand them better – whatever. There was some finer, higher, more spiritual goal. Now we have very basic goals, I mean humanity.

“Leaving one’s body and entering any other body.” It sounds weird to enter the body of another person or to capture the body of another person. Therefore we have to be careful with those who possess these mystic powers. Once devotees visited India – it happened with Gurudev and some devotees – and they saw a yogi in a cell under the earth. So there was hole in the earth and some cover on the top like chains or bars or something like this and this yogi was practicing this tapasya down under the earth. And, you know, some people did not take him too much serious, they were laughing or ridiculing him, but Gurudev stopped them and said: “No. Take care. This person is a very powerful mystic and if he curses you, forget it!” So better respect people who possess extra powers. Although this is not our path, still we respect their practices, we respect their tapasya, their conviction, because they can do so many things that we cannot. Anyway, a devotee is of course protected by Krishna, but nevertheless we should not give a chance for Krishna to protect us too much. Don’t give headache to Krishna because you have done some stupid activities and then He has to protect you.

“Seven – giving up the ghost at will; eight – participation in the pastimes of gods with the apsaras, the celestial nymphs; nine – attainment of one’s desired goals; and ten – exercising authority unobstructed everywhere.” So, from this you can see that the desires or the ambitions, or the inclinations of the jiva improves, or we can say over-improves and they can come to some extraordinary power and situation when they can influence others and they can transfer their wish to others, entering the bodies, entering the minds. Which can be practiced in a pure way and in a left-hand way also. Because actually transferring some energy or entering the body-mind complex of another, how it is called? It is called friendship, it is called family ties, it is called relationship, right? Because if we meet a person who is important for us, he or she will enter our body-mind structure. “He is in my heart, I always think of him,” right? So it is natural. But when you use it for some hazy purpose or you have some second desire, hidden desire, then it is not recommended.

Siddhi means perfection. But from this you can understand that perfection used in a wrong way is destruction, it is not perfection. It is very dangerous. Therefore if we submit ourselves under the divine care, then even if there is any so to say attack or any danger from outside, we will be protected by the supreme Lord. Of course sometime you might be given a lesson what does it mean, just to get an impression what kind of influences or dangers are there in life. But basically a devotee is always under the protection of the divine care.


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