Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 3 of September 2006, Sofia)
Krishna says in “Shrimad Bhagavatam”: “I am there as Paramatman in all created beings – inside and outside.” This is the mystic and inconceivable power of the Lord – that He is present inside and He is outside. That feature is named Shyamasundara.
This is the inconceivable form of the Lord. “Shyam” means “dark”; “sundar” means “beautiful”. So from this inconceivable aspect you can choose – which one you like: Shyam part or the beautiful part. Shyam in such a sense that it’s hidden, invisible, you cannot really understand. Through understanding it’s impossible to approach Him. But His beauty is charming us. O my Lord, You are so great, you are so nice that I don’t understand You, but I’m simply attracted to you. This is Bhakti – I’m attracted to you.
Question of Shamasundara Prabhu: Gurudev, I have a question. The paradox form Shyamasundara is in the same time personal and impersonal – this is absolute. When we choose one of the aspects of the absolute, doesn’t it turn to something relative?
Gurudev: Paradox is for complicated brain of male devotees. If we have got this unfortunate situation – to have this complicated mind – then we can waste our whole lifetime thinking about the paradox and missing the point of loving Him. So be simple. By loving approach all the mysteries that you cannot understand with your tiny brain, will be revealed to you. This is our bhakti process – we try to come to a higher level of understanding through emotion. Because definitely He IS higher than us. The lower cannot come up to the higher, cannot GRAB. There is and Indian proverb: like a dwarf trying to catch the moon. It’s impossible! He just jumps, jumps, but the moon is not coming. But Krishna can come to you, He can enlighten you  – the DARK Lord can enlighten you. This is the way.
We can also add that Shyam (the dark one) is Sundar (beautiful) when surrounded by the devotees.
Of course this is a mystical darkness. Don’t forget that when the old gopies complained about Krishna to Mother Yashoda that “He is stealing our butter”, because the ornaments are shining and in the dark He can also see, Mother Yashoda offered: “All right, then I’ll take off His ornaments.” Then the gopies said: “O, no! That you cannot do! And anyway His dark complexion is shining, so He will see!!!”
So even Shyam – without Sundar – even Shyam is mystical itself! This is such a darkness, that is enlightening the whole universe. So you can simply omit this Sundar – Shyam is enough to meditate upon. That’s enough to break your mind.
But still, you can call him “Shyam!” with this emotional surcharge. So He is beyond human logic. But He can reveal himself in the pure heart of the devotees.
Question of Shyamasundara Prabhu: Gurudev, this is exactly what I had in mind. Because the paradox is inconceivable. But if only one side of this inconceivable is taken it seemingly starts turning into something conceivable. Or not?
Gurudev: Well, I told you that even Shyam is impossible to conceive, so we don’t need any further enhancement. You are right, you are correct according to human logic. But He is beyond human logic and He has a divine logic. What was the invocation of the “Shri Ishopanishad?” : “From the complete whole how many complete wholes you take away, still remains the same.” He is paradoxal Himself – how many little paradoxes you stripe off from Him – still He will be the same paradoxal person. So just leave these paradoxes! Through Bhakti all the paradoxes are harmonized.

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