Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Тhe basic principle is: “With you and for you – everything! But instead of you – nothing.” I think this is very practical. Everybody can agree; try to put it into practice! And don’t expect others to take care instead of you! But invite friends to help you to do something together. For example those devotees who have jobs and bosses – sometimes it’s difficult for them to come to devotional celebrations, because of shortage of time. Many times they told me: “O, I’m afraid I cannot come because of my boss… and I have no free time and may be it will be impossible…” I always tell them: “No, go openly and ask help.” Tell your boss that “this is very important for me; can you help me that I could go?” It ALWAYS works! It always works! When you show your humility, your natural weakness so to say – everybody will be ready to help you! But if you come with a big bosom, so to say: “Well, I want to go!” He will say: “No! It’s impossible!” Isn’t it? Try that. It always works. If you show your humble face, people will start to help you. Sincerity always wins. Always. That is intelligence. What is your goal? To come to the celebration. How you will achieve your goal? By fighting? Or by asking help? By asking help it’s very easy to achieve. So this is the basic principle.


Only those people can be really humble, who are really strong. If you are not, then you try to show your force. But if you are really strong you say: “O, I’m zero. I’m depending on you. Please help me.”

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