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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 06.01.2013, evening, Sofia) 

Question: When does the soul enters the body? Before the birth, at the birth, at the time of conception – how is it?

Swami Tirtha: There are many different conceptions. Some for example say that there is no soul. There is nobody to accept this body, there is nobody to enter. Other religious concepts say that with the birth of a new body a new soul is born also. But this is against our philosophy; our philosophy says that the soul is eternal – no beginning and no end, no birth, no death. And it has got a quality of spiritual energy that enters the body and starts to formulate the body at the time of conception. So, this spiritual energy, transferred by the seed of the father, enters into the ovum, and then by this energy surplus the material background of the mother is activated. And then if the energy is there, the body starts to formulate. If the energy is not there, no body starts to formulate.

Therefore fathers are very important, because they carry the seed. Of course mothers are also very important, because they carry the egg. This is the material background. All what you will have in your body later on is contained in this egg. Therefore we don’t eat eggs, because in the egg the whole chicken is included – with bones and feathers, everything. Would you eat chicken with bones and feathers? You would not! So, therefore don’t eat eggs! It’s very simple.

But apart from that, both sides are necessary. The energy, the soul, is not the seed, of course, because the soul enters the body of male beings through foodstuff. Through that foodstuff this spiritual energy enters your body and then it is injected into the womb of a mother. Therefore Krishna says in the Gita: “Everyone’s body is nourished by grains”[1]. Because it brings the seed into the body of a male being. But of course the soul is not the grains. It’s only connected, attached to the grain.

Where does the soul come from? The soul comes from rain. What is rain? Rain is water and water means life. Therefore the primordial ocean is called Garbhodaka Ocean – the water in the womb of a mother. In order to deliver a baby, you need an ocean in your womb. Although I’m not an expert in this field, but when your water gushes out, this is a signal: ‘Oh, the baby will come soon’. So, we are all born in the ocean of our mothers’ womb. In the same way this whole world is born in the Universal Mother’s womb. Life means water, and the water means life. If there is no water, there is no life. So, the souls come to the planet Earth through the rain and then they are transferred into the grains. But of course the soul is not equal to the raindrops. It is only attached to the rain drops. Where does the soul come from?

Answer: From the light?

Swami Tirtha: Kind of light, but it comes from silver light, the light of the Moon. Souls come to the planet Earth from the Moon. Therefore the Moon is diminished sometimes – when the souls come here. This is not a joke! And then the Moon starts to grow – that means all those who are passing from this Earth enter the Moon, they enter the sphere of the Moon. Then if more jivas join there, the Moon is growing. What does it mean? The Moon is like a transfer zone. Some go there, others return here. Yet others go further. So, the Moon is like a gate to the higher realms – this is the Sun gate we can say. The Moon is the Sun gate, gate to the Sun. But from the Sun there is no return, from the Moon there is return.

So, this is the path of the soul. From the Moon, this transfer zone, by the rain, through the grains, through the seed of the father, through the womb of the mother you start to develop your body, you take birth and at the end you give the final exam. Then it is decided what is your destination – the Moon or the Sun.

Try to understand this beautiful integrated vision of nature. Many people think that human beings are coming from the stars, that aliens manipulated human genetics. We are all born from the Sun and the Moon. That means you are all aliens. We belong to a different sphere, we come from the stars. Just like angels. So don’t forget about that you are being an angel. Show your wings sometimes. That means we belong to the divine world and we have to use this body in order to reach that divine realm.

[1] Bhagavad Gita 3.14


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