Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Show me a dead guru! Do you think that guru dies? Is it possible that guru dies? It’s not possible! What are the two types of guru? Internal and external. How is it? If you want to surrender to God, you should not think that he misses you! Krishna uses guru to inspire you; but when He takes away your neophyte or false conception of guru, He is still there! Krishna is still there! So quoting dogmas is not enough! How many people, so to say following a living guru, are not achieving anything? Once you are established, you should do! If you don’t know, you ask. But if you know, if you had come to some conclusions, you do! Because one spiritual master is off the line – all right! I must have a living spiritual master – so I go to the next one. That is also off the line – and what are you doing? Running from here and there, from one person to another? Or try to think it over – what am I doing? You should think, you should evaluate – what am I doing?

But even in such a case the devotee is never lost. Because Krishna’s mercy is still there. What is the requirement of faith from a real devotee? If you see the sun and the moon and the stars falling off the sky, if the earth is shaking under your feet and Vitosha is just disappearing under the earth – still your faith in Krishna should not be shaken! That is the level of expectation. If you meet the end of the world, your faith should be unshaken. What to speak of somebody meeting the standards or giving up one’s position; compared to that this is very much secondary.

So there is no loss in spiritual life. Don’t forget, it’s not the question of the opposition that’s coming to you; it’s your answer! Intelligence is that from each and every situation you come out victorious.

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