Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

fifth gear

Question of Krishna Priya: On what depends the speed you traverse the path of Bhakti and how you understand how much is left?

Manjari: Little children always ask: “How much is left, how much is left to home?”

Tirtha Maharaj: To determine the speed: shift the fifth gear. What will determine it? The movements of your right hand – to shift the gear. This shifting the gear in our spiritual aeroplane is happening with these two fingers (thumb and middle finger). This is a very powerful connection also, like a mudra, and especially if you insert something between these two fingers. That will bring more speed.

But generally speaking, the speed of the progress of a devotee is determined by many factors. Maybe somebody is a very purified soul with less obstacles and the progress is very easy and quick. Then it is possible that somebody is very determined, but the karma is difficult. Then the progress is little slower. It takes more time to reach the same little achievements. Some can progress slowly because they have no brain. Others progress slowly because they have too much brain. So to find the golden middle path is very difficult.

And there are the three types of beings also. One is the blockheads, the second is the religious fanatic and the third one is materially inspired. The blockheads are very determined but cannot accept any direction. “I know, I know!” All right, if you know, then go, do it! The religious fanatics are fans of blind following. This is like a neophytes’ disease. And the materially inspired people want to achieve some earthly benefit, not the divine goals. If you have something else on your list beyond the spiritual goals, then it is very difficult to reach quickly your spiritual goals, right?

Actually your question is about the shortcut. And in the beginning I said that there is no shortcut. But don’t believe everything that I tell. There is a shortcut. Chant Hare Krishna!

But this is really a shortcut. And you can check – if you follow the principles of Bhakti Yoga, you will see the development very quickly. If you give up these principles, you will come back to the previous point where you started from. For example, if before you were a drunkard, then you started to follow the principles of Bhakti Yoga, you can be like an angel. You give up the principles of Bhakti – you become a drunkard again. Or, if you were a poet – to give a better version – you start to follow the principles of Bhakti, then you become a spiritual poet. If you give up these principles, again you come back to the normal poet.

So, by following these principles – avoid the bad and practice the good – immediately you will feel a very remarkable, very strong and quick progress. Therefore we try to give up the bad habits of violence, intoxicants, too much indulgence in low chakra activities, sex, and give up gambling, right? If you do this, immediately you will feel elevation in the standards of your life. And if you can add the four pillars of faith as a practice, then it will be more substantial. Satyam, daya, tapa, shaucham should be added as a practice. Satyam – truthfulness; daya – mercy; tapa – as little ascetism or controlled life; and shaucham – purity. So, four things to avoid and four things to accomplish. Very simple. And immediately you will feel a very quick progress.

And what was the second part of your question? How much is left? Well, it is said that the path until we reach our spiritual master is much longer than what we have to go from the master to Krishna. It’s only a few lifetimes left.

Chanting the bhajans is the shortcut. And this is just like a magic carpet, bringing you to a different level of consciousness. So everybody is welcome to this magic trip.

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