Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Damodar: May be a devotee is worshiping some of devotees, or in the best case is adoring his spiritual master, without really understanding what his master is trying to say. He might be in love with someone of devotees and this is the thing that is bringing him. Should we try to tear this devotee apart from his lower understanding?
Tirtha Maharaj The ultimate dharma is to be a servant of the servant of the servant – so this is not a low conception. “I do not know who is this Krishna, I do not know who is this guru, but I know this bhakta and I want to serve him”. This is best! This is the most elevated platform! How can we snatch the devotee away from that platform?! Just like the gopis. They were not highly-educated twenty-first century liberated and emancipated women. They were simple village girls. But when they have seen Narayana in the bushes… You remember the story: they were searching after Krishna, because He was running away from the rasa dance. And the gopis were searching so fast, that they almost could catch Krishnа. Then Krishna had no other excuse, He thought: “Ah, any moment they can catch me, so I will just sit here and show my Narayana form.” Four arms, majestic beauty, you know, God Himself here in the bushes! Then the gopis came out of the bushes and say: “O! Namo Narayana! Have you seen our Krishna?” They had a direct vision of God, the great God of Universe! But they were searching after their beloved Krishna. This is devotion, this is bhakti. They are not interested in the high God. They wanted their beloved Krishna.
In the same way: “I do not know who is this Krishna, I do not know what is this mission, but I know this guy; he is very nice and I want to serve him.” This is highest. Still we have to be reasonable, we have to try to be reasonable. It is suggested: You should feel a fool number one in front of your spiritual master. But do not act like a fool number one. Because then he will not be satisfied.
We should try to understand something. Of course, it is impossible to understand, rather we should follow. There are some guys, who are good in reading, who are good in studying, but I think you know what I mean. Any level of commitment to Krishna, or to something that is dear, connected to Krishna, is good. But there is always a chance to improve our commitment and attachment.

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