Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



To be very simple and practical we should pray to a third God! The situation becomes more and more complicated. Before there was only one God – Krishna. Now we have a God – Krishna and a Goddess – Radha. All right, we accept, we have two Gods! Third God? What is that!? Really these Hindus are polytheistic! But who is the third God?

Nityananda, guru. The guru principle, guru-tattva, guru person is the third God. To be very practical. And actually guru, Gurudev is called Sevak Bhagavan – the servant God. The Lord is Sevya Bhagavan – the Lord to be served. And guru is Sevak Bhagavan – the servant-God. So if we approach Gurudev in that way – to see Divinity in a service mood and if we pray to him, then the message, the feeling and the mood will come to us also. So therefore for a very considerable time – actually we can say guru is THE most important for the disciple. Why? Because he helps us to go. A real guru never says “Worship me” – therefore we worship him. Because he says “Worship God” and we take the advice in such a way that we follow his example. Because even prayer, even developing the feelings – we need some guidance. This is a science. And in a science we must have some masters – those who know. We make the experiment, but they know the result. So in our spiritual life the disciple is doing the practice, he is making the experiment, but the guru must know the results. And in this way guru can give appropriate advice what to do and how to do.

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