December 2021
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

three pillars

Swami Tirtha: Actually three gifts are given to humanity. First is philosophy, the second is religion and the third one is the arts. Which is most acceptable from these three?
Answer: Arts.
Swami Tirtha: Yes. I also thought like that. Because usually we think that philosophy is too complicated, it’s not for me. Religion – although this is a very important part of a human being, yet it is questionable or corrupted in many ways. So what remains? Arts.
But actually if we focus on these three pillars for humanity… The first is philosophy. And this is a practical philosophy. This science will tell us that there is a goal, there is a supreme goal. Religion will show you the path to reach that supreme truth. While arts will make it beautiful.
So, try to find these pillars in your life. What are the basic principles that you share? What is the goal of your life? Do you have any spiritual or transcendental dimensions? What is your spiritual ambition? Second: we should examine what our practice is. It’s not enough only to have high ideals, we should do something about them. So, our philosophy should turn into an active principle. And on the third level we should find the beauty and harmony in our life. And instead of you nobody can do this. We should find our internal resources that will help us to identify our goals, to follow our practice and to achieve our goals nicely.
On the other hand there are three other sources of information about these questions. One is the ancient tradition. Traditions can tell us a lot about the meaning of human life and therefore it is very, very useful to belong to a tradition. Tradition means that you enjoy the benefits of an ancient school of thought. If you are a sincere practitioner, all the sages and all the saints of the past will help you.
The second help, the second source of information is the human intelligence. We are called homo sapiens, right? That means “knowledgeable beings”. So please, we should use our knowledge, we should use our brain for the best purpose. Yet we discussed at the beginning that the willpower and the intellect of human beings created many benefits, but also created some troubles.
And the third source of information is intuition. This is very popular these days. ‘I went into deep meditation to decide when to water my flowers.’ Serious instruments should be used for serious purposes. We should not compromise our best capacities.
So, if we analyze these three sources of information – tradition, knowledge and intuition – we should see the limitations of the human brain, we should see the mistakes of misapplication of our intuition sometimes; but tradition can help us a lot. It’s very difficult to find your way alone for the first time and to struggle through all the difficulties. But if you follow a path, if you follow the footsteps of others who have reached the goal of human life, then it’s much easier.
Therefore the interest in traditions is very intense, very active these days. I also joined a tradition myself. This tradition belongs to the Indian way of thinking, we can say that it’s a part of Hinduism. It’s a school of yoga; yoga is connection between the human and the Supreme. And so far I could find all the references that are necessary to be properly guided in this tradition.


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