Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

We discussed many times the different types of sacrifices – with what you can serve God. Like your assets, like your words, like your thoughts, and finally your life. But sacrifice should be made in a proper way. Because the classical definition of sacrifice means that something is taken out from the profane usage and dedicated to the service of God. And usually they destroy the taken thing in order not to be used by others; or the offering itself implies destructing the thing. But this destruction should not be made physically. So if you want to offer your body in the service of God, you should not destruct your body. Or if you want to offer donation to God, you should not burn your money, better give it to the donation box. We must be intelligent enough to understand how to do the sacrifice.


But the ultimate sacrifice is to give ourselves. When I don’t want to be alone, on my own; when I’m ready to join You as Your eternal and surrendered servant. And I don’t feel any independence. I’m Your surrendered soul. Tell me what You want from me? I will do. But You have to take care of me! Because I have lost my independence. I’m totally depending on You! So I will do my business, but You should also do Your business. From this we can understand that selfless dedication or self-sacrifice is a loving act. Act of love.


What else I can say about sacrifice? Sacrifice is a very high principle. The word has a bad taste, because usually we want to enjoy, we don’t want to sacrifice. Less do we want to be sacrificed. But from that mood, from that dedication great power is coming.

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