Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

churning butter

We can say that bhakti-yoga – the path of dedication, the path of divine love is the scientific process to understand God and also to approach Him. Because it is said we have to realize this knowledge. It’s not enough to hear or to see, we have to take it into practical application in our life.

“This knowledge is the king of education”[1] and according to the Indian tradition there are a lot of different categories of education and science. Actually this whole life is a learning process and we have collected so much information. But what is wisdom? Wisdom is not a big pile of information, but this is the knowledge of the essence. This is wisdom – if you know the essence. So, this divine knowledge helps us to understand what the essence in life is. Therefore it is called “the king of knowledge.”

And then it is also said raja-vidya raja-guhyam – the secret of all secrets, the king of secrets. That is mystical. Many times you will find in the scriptures and in the tradition that this secret science should not be transferred to others. Still we are discussing this divine knowledge. Does it mean we break the principles, we go against the rules? No, we should not do that. But the secret should be opened up on some conditions. If somebody wants to listen, then we can talk about it. But you know, mystic secrets have a very special nature – even if you know them, you will not know. You think that you understand, but you don’t understand. You read everything, you know word by word, but you don’t know. Because this is again not the collection of information, but reaching the essence. And we can understand, we can learn a secret if somebody tells us a secret. If you tell a secret, is it a secret anymore? It depends on the person whom we tell it.

What is the secret of life? This is what we have to discuss. They say that our life is like the milk and if you churn the milk, you will get some very essential foodstuff. What is that? Butter. So, our life is the milk and our love is the butter. This is the secret of life. Hidden, because in the milk there is butter, but you don’t see it. But you apply a certain method and it comes to the surface, you can enjoy the result. So, this is the secret of life, this is the mystery of life – that there is a hidden capacity in all of us and we can bring it to the surface.

Practically, life is a school of affection. We try to practice love on different levels – sometimes on bodily platform, which is not very satisfying. Other times in friendship or humanitarian affection, which is a little better. But if we can appreciate and love people on the spiritual platform, that is best.

And this universal love towards all living entities – if we broaden a little bit the vision – should go parallel with loving the Supreme. So, without loving God we cannot love the creatures; without loving, appreciating the creatures we cannot appreciate the Supreme. This is another secret. If you want to love the Supreme Lord, then love His beloved ones also.

“This is the purest knowledge and as it gives direct perception of the self, this is perfection of religion.” So, it’s very pure knowledge. No secondary information, only direct, primary information, the most important is imparted. If your house is on fire, you have no time to explain, you should carry the water. Don’t explain, just bring the water. And actually we are in such an urgent need because we are searching for fulfillment. We need water, our house is on fire, we need water! Don’t give me secondary explanation: how much I have to pay when the fire brigade will come? It doesn’t matter now, because my house is on fire, bring me water, I don’t mind how!

So, pure knowledge gives you the essential information: Who am I? Who is the Supreme? What is our connection? What should I do to reach the Supreme goal? All the essential information we can get. The rest is up to us – if you accept it or not.


[1] Bhagavad Gita 9.2

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