Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

There is a big difference between a person, who is searching, a person who is practicing, and a person who has perfected himself. Usually these days people say: “I am searching my path. I am a searcher, I am searching.” But those who search usually do not find. They are searching, searching, searching, but not finding. If you are a friend of everyone, you are a servant of no one. Think deeply about this. If you are a friend of everyone, you are a servant of no one.

Do not be satisfied only with searching, searching. Try to find something. And when you have found something – practice! Therefore the big step is from a searcher to become a practitioner. If you are a practitioner, that means you have already found something. You cultivate yourself. You make little sacrifice, you sacrifice yourself. And through this practice you will achieve your goals. So: searcher – practitioner – and accomplisher.

Always go for the higher. Do not be satisfied with the lower. From the neophyte level we should come to some higher, more realized levels. And if we somehow follow the guidance, given to us by our spiritual authorities, if we chant this mahamantra, if through the holy names we search the connection to the Supreme Lord, something will happen. This connection will come to your life. If you call a person often, he will respond. So do not be surprised if you say: “Krishna, Krishna!” that He will come to you – in some way or other. It is not sure that you will see a blue-colored young man entering your room. But maybe you will get a book, you will find a devotee, you will get a message – who knows how. God’s ways are impossible to understand. But He knows. Most of the time we do not know, but He knows.

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