Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Tirtha Maharaj: What is the topic that we are initiated into? Actually you can be initiated into a science, you can be initiated into a secret and you can be initiated into a mystery. So, what you like, which one you choose? Science, secret or a mystery?

Krishna Priya: All the three.

Tirtha Maharaj: All of them? Well, then you should search your initiation into the bhakti process. Because bhakti is the secret science of love mystery. So this is a package tour, we can say. You receive everything by one injection.

Krishna Premi: All inclusive.

Tirtha Maharaj: And prasad is free. But I am serious. Don’t think that by joining bhakti-yoga you join an elementary platform. Divine love is the means of communication between soul and soul, between soul and Supersoul. It’s a never-ending science, it’s the deepest secret science. And a special secret, because this is open, this is an open secret. What you don’t see is just in front of your eyes. This is an open secret, it’s here, here and now. But this is a mystery also. And all mysteries, they have a protective system.

For example, the “Bhagavad Gita” is a great mystery. You will read and you will think: “I’ve got it!” This is the first function of the protective system. You think that you have understood. That means you did not understand anything. The second level is when you think: “Well, I have read, I have studied, and the more I read the less I understand.” This is the second level of the protective system – really keeping some more depth to penetrate, to analyze. And the third level is when all the mystery is opened up – this is the level of realization, when by the mercy of our spiritual masters, by the guidance of sadhus, by the blessings of God some little things we understand.

Science, secret and mystery. This is what we can achieve by joining the divine school of dedication. And even if meanwhile you forget about the highest ideals and you start to search for the insignificant pebbles on the street, the chance is with you.

So, in order to activate our life, our knowledge and our future, we have to join to a visionary of the truth.

But there is one story about Sanatana Goswami. He was a great saint about five hundred years ago in Bengal and he was very famous for his possessions. Possessions of an ascetic? What kind of possessions do they have? We don’t expect that they have big wealth or something like this. Nevertheless it was well known that he possesses this touchstone. And once there was a man, his position was very similar to Arjuna’s – frustrated. Very poor, nothing succeeded in his life. But then he heard that this sadhu, Sanatana Goswami, he possesses the touchstone. So, our friend decided: “I should go to this saint. Maybe there will be some benefit for me.” He approached Sanatana Goswami and said: “Prabhu, I’ve heard that you have this touchstone.” And Sanatana Goswami said: “Yes, I have it.” “Can you give this to me?” “Yes, of course, I can give this to you.” “But is this the real one?” “Of course, it can produce any amount of gold, as you like.” “This is it! Yes! Please, give this to me!” “Ah, you just find it, it’s somewhere on the garbage pile.” So our friend went out and started to search in the garbage; finding the stone he was very happy. He went home with the magic touchstone, but then he started to think: “Wait a minute! If this guy keeps the touchstone in the garbage, he must have something more precious. So, I’m not an elementary disciple, satisfied with little stones here and there. I want the real treasure.” So next morning he went back to the swami. Sanatana Goswami asked: “Are you satisfied?” and the guy said: “No, I’m not satisfied! I want the real treasure. You must possess something higher.” Sanatana Goswami said: “Yes, of course, I have something much more important than the touchstone.” “Can you give me that?” “Yes, I can give this to you.” “And what is that?” “This is the holy name: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. But I have a condition.” “What is the condition?” “Just take your touchstone and throw it into Yamuna.”

So, when we are ready to throw our precious stones into the river, then we can receive the real wealth. In bhakti-yoga there is only one condition – that there is no condition, this is an unconditional process. We should be attached unconditionally to the supreme truth, don’t be attached to your material habits, conditionings or whatever. Be ready for the change.


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