Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



From life we have to come to eternity. From knowledge we have to come to wisdom. And from happiness we have to come to bliss. You feel the difference? Between life and existence? Between knowledge and wisdom? Between happiness and bliss? Because life, knowledge and happiness you can have on the earth, in body. And existence, wisdom and bliss you can enjoy in spirit. Very big transition. Don’t be satisfied with something secondary. Something extraordinary is necessary.


Highest Truth – this is Satyam Param. Satyam Param dhimahi – meditate on the Absolute Truth. And this highest Absolute Truth can be understood only by the pure-hearted. This is the real qualification to practice Bhakti Yoga – purity of the heart. Therefore we are chanting in a praying mood: “Please, Krishna, purify my heart!” Cheto darpana marjanam… Because Krishna – and especially Radhika – They are not ready to enter any filthy place. And the heart should be so pure, just like lotus flower. The lotus is the symbol of purity. So the heart should be pure as a lotus flower. Then Radha-Krishna can come and take that place. Beauty and Love will come to your heart if it is pure enough. Radha-Krishna – Beauty and Love. Because until the two witches are staying there in our hearts – like Karma and Gyana – until then the Divine Couple does not come.


Therefore we should follow the advice: purify the heart, then invite Krishna. Because those who are pure enough they can very simply understand this highest truth. This is a higher reality. There is vastu, and there is vastava vastu. Vastu, vastu-shastra, vastu as a knowledge is a science, the Indian version of fen shui. Actually this is the original. Not only architecture, but also how to arrange space – this is a space science, a kind of space science. How to maintain the harmony between the artificial buildings and the nature – because nature is in full harmony with the cosmic order. But this is material science. This is material reality – relative reality. But vastava vastu is the real reality. This is the original picture. What is here – this is only a reflection. Don’t forget: whatever is happening here this is only illusion! Everything? Except few things.


This is reality, but relative. That is the real reality. And we must find the channels to be connected to that reality. The point for breaking through from mater to spirit, from this earth to the divine realm. From life to existence.

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