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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2012, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday) 

So the four ways of dealing with an enemy, with a conflict situation or a challenge are: first be friendly – this is the best option. If there is a challenge to you, try to be friendly. Many times it’s not enough, right? Then we should apply point number two – giving presents, offering gifts. If you approach your enemy with something very dear to him, he will like it: ‘Ah, very nice, very nice!’ You can bribe him. If even that doesn’t help, then you can use the third method – bheda; bheda means ‘divide’, divide the attention. Try to create some doubts in his conviction. And if even that doesn’t help, then punch him in the nose. But violence is the last, is the last way in resolving conflict situations.

All right, maybe you are not an international diplomat. But you are a diplomat of your life, of your home and of your family. So please, if you have any conflicting situations, don’t start with the fourth! ‘I will punch you if you don’t agree with me!’ First… what was the first? Be nice. Be friendly. But I know that by nation you are very generous also. Then you can use the second option – present some gifts. For example if your wife is angry at you, bring her a bouquet of flowers. That’s a cheap solution. If you are wealthier, bring a diamond ring. Ladies cannot resist these things. Ah sorry, we should discuss these topics only privately. But you, Bulgarians, are good diplomats also. So in case this doesn’t work, then try to disseminate some doubt. And I know that you are great fighters also. So in some cases the last one might also happen. But only, only on the basis of ‘we belong together’.

You know, from time to time I visit some devotee friends. There is one place I’ve been visiting for more than ten years now and all the time I listen to some conflicts there – some fighting, some misunderstandings, some clashes. And I did not understand, I thought that they have some problems. But then after many years I understood – no, this is their natural sadhu-sanga. This is how they are, this is their ways. Since that time I don’t take it serious when they complain about something, when there’s a next scandal coming. Because this is the salt and pepper on their daily bread.

“The dynasty of the daityas is like a garden of sandalwood trees. But this child took his birth as a thorny tree. Vishnu is like an axe to cut down and uproot the family of the daityas and this Prahlada is the strong wood which will supply the handle for that axe, so that the destruction can be completed fully.”[1] For them it was like a complaint, for us it sounds like a compliment. 

[1] From B.B.Tirtha Maharaj’s book The holy life of Prahlada

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