Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 02.01.2018 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday)

Question of Manjari: I have a question about the karmic reactions and the chance to serve. How to differentiate between those two? Sometimes it’s obvious, but sometimes it’s not. When some difficult situation is coming is it a chance to be strong and to serve, or is it some karmic reaction that blocks you?

Swami Tirtha: If it is sweet and makes you happy, then probably this is a chance. If it breaks you, then probably this is a reaction. But if we have a difficulty or if we have a duty, we should try three times to resolve it or to accomplish. And if it doesn’t happen then we can accept that this is the divine arrangement, this is the will of Krishna – He doesn’t like it. Usually three times is enough. But as I told you, the Hungarians are very stubborn. So, they have one extra try – three plus one. If they fail, then with an easy heart they can conclude that this is the divine arrangement.

But actually if we really dedicate our life, then we don’t have any reactions anymore. Because then everything you appreciate as a gift from your Beloved one. And to have the attention of our beloved God or superior over us, even if it is difficult is very much blessed.

One meaning of guru is ‘heavy’, right. To have the company of a real guru is heavy. It’s very difficult to associate with the person who lives on a different platform then us. It’s too big difference there. If you meet so much purity, so much intensity, it’s very difficult to associate with that.

And our Gurudev was quite an intensive person. I don’t say that he was a heavy person, but to associate with him properly was quite a task. Sometimes so difficult to tolerate that you wanted to escape. ‘Today better I’d go home. It’s just too much.’

Once he was invited, he was visiting one of his pet disciples’ family. So, both of them were disciples, direct disciples of him and the wife was cooking. And she was so nervous and so agitated in waiting for Gurudev that she said: “Oh, I cannot cook anymore, I just stop! I don’t do this anymore!” So, it was quite intense. To meet with him was quite intense. Because he was ready to manage our life, interfere here and there, give some advice, expect some –  what did you say, some little flowers, little water in the beginning. But then after he left, the devotees were crying: “Oh, if once again he could manage our life! If there would be somebody that could manage your life!”

So, difficulties are gifts. For a surrendered soul there is no karmic reaction, only gifts from God. Better we become surrendered souls, otherwise we shall have a lot of trouble. So, if you are a devotee, maybe you have some reasons to complain, but you have no rights to complain. So, better we become devotees, because this is one way to get rid of our troubles. Gurudev once said: “If you are sad or depressed, this is a sure sign of maya, that you are in illusion.” Think of that next time when you are morose (потиснати). And if you really observe and examine your position you will understand that it’s not only that you don’t have rights to complain, but actually you have no reasons to complain.

But it is said that this bhakti process is about spiritual happiness. It’s not a goal, it’s a consequence. If we try to perform nicely our committed services, a natural state of contentment and fulfillment will come. And the goswamis say: “Who can understand the depth and sweetness of the holy name? Krish-na – how much meaning is there! How much depth is there! Even if I had thousands of lips it’s not enough to taste that nectar that is inside. Even if I have thousands of mouths this is not enough to chant these names. And even if I have thousands of ears it’s not enough to be fully listening to the holy names.”

We don’t have thousands of ears, we don’t have thousands of mouths, but what we do have let’s engage that in the chanting service. Because this reminds us of the original language of the heart and soul.


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