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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 21.08.2015 evening, Ludashto)
Everything is a question of cultivation. If we want to extract something from our life, we have to cultivate properly. And instead and beyond all official formalities, let me share my sacraments, my most precious treasures with you. I know that you are also very dedicated searchers for not only the truth, but for something real. Because there are the facts, there is the truth and there is reality. And please, consider deeply the difference between these: the facts, the truth and reality. I truly believe that we should dedicate our life to find this reality, Reality the Beautiful – beyond the facts and the truths. Because the truth will never make you happy. Truth cannot melt our heart, cannot satisfy the deepest hankering of your inner heart. But whenever you will see how the advice of Shrila Rupa Goswami is true, then immediately your inner heart is satisfied. 
So, if you allow me to share some of my collection with you, then in the first place these are the vaishnavas. We can quote shastric proofs why: “Because they are very dear to Krishna, therefore if you want to catch Krishna, you have to catch the dear ones”… But this is only a fact. We know that sadhu-sanga, vaishnava as a principle, association with the saintly personalities – this is a main exercise, a main element of our devotional life. Like: sadhu-sanga nama-kirtan bhagavat-shravan mathura-vas and shri-murti shraddhaya-seva[1]. But this is only a truth. To associate with the saints, to chant the holy names, to study the Bhagavatam, to live in a holy place, to worship the deities – yet this is only a truth. But where is the reality of vaishnava-tattva? This is your brother and sister. Then this is not a principle anymore, but this is a living reality close by. 
When I met the devotees, I think I was charmed on the spot. But you know, I’m a reserved and very slow person. So it took me five years to join fully. Yet the example that I have seen in the life of devotees was very convincing. So, the greatest gain for me was my fellow devotee brothers and sisters. And the greatest loss in my life was when our services separated us. Therefore I humbly pray: please, pay attention to your fellow vaishnavas. They are gifts of God. 
And from among the devotees there is one crown jewel. I don’t think that I have to go into too much details and explanations which one is that crown jewel. But Krishna has sent a savior angel to us. And then Radhika has withdrawn him. Our Gurudev was sent as a savior by Krishna; then Radhika invited him back. He was of great value for all of us. He was the life force of his disciples, the focus of attention, the hero, the example, the absolute turning point of theory into practice. And also the partner to play football, to play chess… and in so many other ways he was the one. 
And some other pieces of this collection – these are you. So please, act accordingly. Many times devotees ask me: “What should I do?” And many times the answer is: “Shine!” Shine – why? Because you can only shine if you are in your spiritual identity. If you are in your body-mind consciousness or identity, you cannot shine. Therefore this instruction is not an easy one. You have to remove your fur coat. You have to remove your suit. You have to remove all the bodily and mental layers that you have in order your soul shines. 
On some rare objects people say: “Ah, this is a collector’s piece.” So help each other to grow in these qualities. We all need dreams, we all need ideals to live for. And this beautiful conception that there is a Divine Couple as an ultimate reality – it’s not simply a fact, it’s not simply a truth – this is Reality the Beautiful! If we can commit ourselves in the service of this beautiful divine reality, then our life will be definitely sublime and successful. 
Everything is a question of cultivation. Everything is open to you – so please cultivate, go deeper and deeper. Collect your treasures, grow in devotion, cherish your ideals and share the bliss you have found. 
1.  Chaitanya Charitamrita, Madhya, 22.125

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