Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 03.05.2018, arrival)

(continues from the previous Monday)

What is the ultimate end of our radius? It is the lotus feet of Shri Shri Radha-Govindaji. So, push your limits. But for that we really need to give up our small scale of thinking.

You remember that story of the old lady collecting the firewood. We hardly see such practice now, but it’s good to remember that sometimes people collect small or bigger twigs in order to supply their home with fire, with warmth. So, this lady was also carrying a large pile of firewood over her shoulders and it started to be very heavy. She put the load down to rest for a while and said: “Ah, my God!” But this prayer was so deep and so realized, because it was a really heavy burden, that immediately Narayana came to the place: “You called for Me, I’m here. Tell Me what is your desire, I will fulfill it.” And the lady immediately, without a second thought, said: “Can You help put this load back on my shoulder?” “All right, you get the load back” – God disappears.

Push your limits. Don’t be attached to your twigs. They give a very insignificant heat. You can come in the embrace of God Himself instead! And to help your faith grow, whenever you visit the ashram, He will raise the energy level and you will feel more heat. Just to be ready to throw away your twigs.

Radius – maybe today unknown, but tomorrow this will be your daily bread. Radius means not only circumference, central point, not only scope, but it also means radiation – the light will come to you. Krishna will embrace you. Radius means radiation – this divine vibration that will connect you. We need to have the long waves of vibration – to connect to eternity. And what is the best vibration, the best sound vibration – I think you all know. As we started: if you want to speak the language of your heart and soul, the eternal language, somehow call out for God. Our Mahaprabhu brought the holy name, the maha-mantra. And if we respond to that invitation, then our radiance will also glitter. Jay! Maybe you have something to add or to say?

Question of Krishna Priya: In this story with the old lady and Narayan, He proposed to fulfill her wish and then went away. Why is He not engaged in explaining to her that there is something higher?

Swami Tirtha: Because God sends gurus to teach the people how to throw away the twigs. So, if you listen to the lectures and then you meet God, don’t ask for the load back on your shoulder. He’s got multiple ways to explain things to us. Sometimes by very gentle words, showering His mercy; other times sending us some message or some messenger; sometimes by achievements, other times by failures. We cannot expect that we are always successful. You should expect that you should fail. And then the miracle will happen – somehow you don’t fail. If you expect that you will always win, that’s a very bitter experience – you will lose many times. So it’s better if we expect: ‘Most probably I will fail.’ But then you will see the miracle: mercy is extended to us, you don’t lose the moment. Therefore we need the training, therefore we need the proper information – what to do if we are in such a moment, if we have such a choice.

(to be continued)

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