Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Sometimes we are attached. Possible that you haven’t conquered your senses yet. Still the devotee is generally not overpowered by the objects of the senses, right? Generally not overpowered; and also Krishna said that firm and strong devotion, dedication to Him, will burn up the sinful reactions:

“Neither yoga, nor Sankhya, nor righteousness, nor study of the Vedas, austerity or renunciation captivate Me so thoroughly as does intense devotion. I, the beloved self of the righteous, can be captured only through exclusive devotion, coupled with reverence. Devotion concentrated on Me absolves even he pariahs – those who cook and eat the flesh of dogs – from the stigma attaching to their birth. Piety, accompanied by honesty and compassion, or even learning coupled with ascesis indeed does not thoroughly and once for all cleans a mind destitute of devotion.”[1]

That is – even if you have tons of good qualities, without devotion it will not work. But if he has some dedication, then even the mistakes of a person become ornaments. Still we can see that dedication without proper guidance is not enough. Just to give a very simple example: many times devotees come together to help in the garden. And they pluck all the valuable plants and they leave the weeds in the garden. Or they just quickly finish everything, cutting everything. Dedication is there, because they are ready to help. But we need a proper guidance also. Especially when we don’t know how to cultivate a garden. When you know these fields of science – how to cultivate the garden, which plant is good, which is harmful, etc. – then you can go on with your knowledge, expertise, experience. Until you don’t posses that quality, we need the proper guidance. But when dedication becomes a mature and wide inner mood – that you cannot work, you cannot think, you cannot live in another way, just by dedication yourself, then all the small little mistakes what have remained due to your previous conditioning – they can be used in the service. Like for example somebody has a certain taste or a certain capacity, although this is not spiritual, he can use it in the service. Dedication will purify whatever we have.

[1] “Shrimad Bhagavatam” 11.14.20-22

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