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Question: I am moved by the question why the world we are living in is created like this – divided by masculine and feminine? This is very natural for us and we barely ask ourselves why it should be like that. It seems that there are few answers. One is biological – to multiply as species. Which has the natural objection that the one who has created this world could have devised hundreds and thousands of other ways of multiplying. The second possible answer is that in this way different personalities can feel love and divine love. Third point of view, maybe I did not understand it correctly, but in one book “Perfect questions, perfect answers” Shrila Prabhupada says that sexual drive is the basis of the entanglement of humans. And I wanted to hear your opinion.

Tirtha Maharaj: Well, “Bhagavata Purana” and Sigmund Freud have the same opinion: everything revolves around sex. But they give different explanation and different solution. Freud says: “Go ahead! Sexual liberation!” “Shrimad Bhagavatam” says: “Go ahead! Spiritual liberation!” So different answers to the same topic and same problem.

How it happened – I mean creation of the world? It is difficult to tell. But it is easy to understand if we suppose that God is male, so the first impulse is male, and material nature, like a womb, is female. In this way these genders can interact. Unfortunately the same object from different angle of view and in different uses can be positive or negative. Krishna says in “Bhagavad Gita”: “I am that sexual life which is not against the dharma, not against the religious principles.”[1] If God has created you males and females, He had some purpose with this, right? If He wanted to establish only monasteries, He would design it in a different way. So He had some intention with this.

As He has given us eyes. And we can use our eyes to see the beauty of the Lord or to see the mistakes of others. He has given us ears and tongues and sexual organs also. So, you can use it for a good purpose and you can use it for a bad purpose.

Many people think that unity is achieved sexually. But that level means meeting or unity of the bodies. The unity of minds is much rarely achieved – when your goal, your ideal is common, it’s united. And when the unity of the heart is achieved, that is transcendental bliss.

But in the cosmological understanding we know that the material world is a reflection of the original. So whatever is up there it’s down here. If here there is a distinction between the genders, it also must originate from the original plane of existence. The only problem is a little distortion is added to the material version. You can make mistakes. On the spiritual plane we cannot make mistakes. So this is the only difference.

At the very beginning of creation Krishna said: “I exist, it’s nice. But I am so much full of emotions that I want to share. Let’s create others!” Then He emanated these jiva sparks, living sparks. He had this creative power, creative instinct, so to say – in order to share. And the instinct for multiplication is a reflection for this divine creative function. So this is a reflection. Our goal is to purify this reflection so much, so that it helps and serves the divine harmony and unity.

But the question “why” is not really applicable in the transcendental topics. There are certain things that are beyond human understanding.

Just to give you another idea why male and female energies are manifested – Krishna is the ultimate source, Krishna is the absolute knowledge, Vasudeva Krishna. And this ultimate conscious energy has two projections. One is the productive power and the other is the creative power. Productive power is a male energy – this is Balaram. And the creative power is Radharani – female. So, supreme knowledge manifests first as male – to produce everything that is necessary for the world; and then manifests as female energy – to turn it into beauty, to create beauty. And practically everything can be derived from this first origination.

But if we want to put it very simply, Krishna is guiding the gopals and Radharani is guiding the gopis. In order that They have some companies this whole world is divided according to genders.


[1] “Bhagavad Gita” 7.11

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