Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question of Neli: Is it written somewhere that Krishna loves us?

Tirtha Maharaj: What is the answer, Kripa?

Somebody: Of course He loves us!

Tirtha Maharaj: “Of course!” Be shastric! “Of course He loves us” – this sounds a little romantic.

Kripadham: If I remember correctly, it’s not written anywhere that He loves us.

Tirtha Maharaj: Why?

Kripadham: Because it’s obvious.

Tirtha Maharaj: What is obvious you don’t have to write! Of course in some places it is mentioned how much Krishna loves His devotees. But generally this very divine principle is not compromised, it is not prostituted. It’s only in the stupid American movies they finish all the talks on the telephone saying: “I love you!” Instead of saying “Goodbue”, they say “I love you!” ”I also love you!” What is this?! It’s prostitution of the highest principle!

Therefore in our shastras, at the end of every chapter of “Bhagavad Gita” you will not see: “I love you, My dear Arjuna!” Many times Krishna says: “You are a stupid guy, you lament on such things that no bright guys lament!” But the mood is loving. It is not verbalized. Because in many cases if you verbalize something, the power is just lost. This is what I call prostitution of the highest principles.

We don’t have to repeat: “We belong together!” This is obvious! The spiritual master does not have to repeat: “I love you so much, my dear, I love you so much, my dear,” because this is obvious! But I suggest to the disciples – my dear ones – that you repeat sometimes to your spiritual master: “Yes, I am here, master. If there is any service for me just tell me.” Because this is an expression of love and also of dedication.

So therefore it is not mentioned on every page in our shastras that God loves you. But on every page you will find that you have to love God. Because the first one is obvious, the second one we have to learn.

But this is a very nice and very good question. Because we have to prove for ourselves that Krishna loves us. And if you are in a good state of mind, you will find thousands of proofs for that. If you are in a depressed mood, then you will not see even the most obvious proofs.

If you believe, you will see.

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