Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 26.11.2006, Sofia)
Usually people define that love should be selfless and letting go, providing freedom… You agree? You remember Saint Paul’s definition: like this and that, not complaining, providing freedom, humble… You agree? Sorry to say, but that means that you are neophytes in the school of love. Because possessive love is higher. Possessive love is higher! But that should be cultivated deeply in your heart, not on a manifest platform.
And in one sense God’s love towards his creatures, the souls, us, is such a love, that provides freedom. “You want to leave Me? You can go.” But deeply in His heart, His love is possessive. “My dear, how far you have been! How long you have made Me wait! I was dying without you…” His love is possessive. Krishna ultimately wants to enjoy your company also.
Once that was happening in Vrindavana. The cowherd boys were tending the cows. Krishna was also there and everybody was happy and fully satisfied that they had the company of their Lord, their beloved friend. They were treating God as a friend. And all of a sudden a new face appeared in Vrindavana. Krishna went to this new guy and He said: “Welcome home… I am so happy that you came! I know how much trouble you have taken…” and embraced the newcomer. By this divine touch the newcomer fainted and Krishna also fainted.
All the senior cowherd boys were amazed. “How is that!? This newcomer is enjoying the embrace of Krishna?! And what is this fainting?! He has never fainted with us. We try to embrace Him, but no fainting is coming neither to us, nor to Him!” But then Balaram came to His senses, He was not so astonished. He went there and raised Krishna. Then Krishna started to glorify His servant: “I know that you were searching for Me. You have taken all the trouble of material life – millions of births on different planets. Lifetime after lifetime you were searching for Me! And I was so much waiting for your company. I’m so happy that you came.”
What does the story say? If you are a newcomer, you are more welcome. Let us be newcomers in Goloka Vrindavana! Let’s rush there all together! And let’s create a little trouble for the gopalas… Because Krishna is waiting for you.
It is obvious that Krishna is very dear to us. But you should know, that you are also dear to Krishna.

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