Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Гурудев, ягя

There are three levels of spiritual help. One is understanding, the second is compassion, and the third one is love. On the first level you give only an ear to the problems of others – attention, listening, understanding. On the second platform you are compassionate. Compassion means that you share the troubles of the other, you are ready to take a part of his burden. On the third platform you take the poison and you give the nectar. You see the big differences on these levels? So, on the first platform, we only listen, but even that listening, paying a little attention, even that helps a lot. And everybody can do that – to pay attention to others, right? The more qualified and the spiritually stronger, more competent people, they can share the troubles of others, they can share the burden. But that means, you take a part of the burden of the other person on your shoulder, and if you are not strong enough, that burden, if you take more and more and more, it can bring you down. So, on the intermediate platform it is not enough only to take, but you also have to give out burden somewhere. Therefore we also must have a consultant, a protector. But on the third platform you don’t leave any troubles with the other, you take everything for yourself. This is for the highly qualified ones. And don’t think that this is reserved only for the great sannyasis, swamis, yogis and ascetics, that this is a male’s prerogative. No, women can also do that. Once there was a mother, and her son was sick. So in the afternoon she started to pray: “Oh, please, my Lord, give this disease to me and save my child!” She was so sincere, that in the evening the boy was already cured, and she got sick. So, you see, not the simple compassion, but the readiness to sacrifice everything. This is not an intellectual balance, how much I can tolerate, or what burden I can take, or maybe this is too much, maybe this I can handle. No – everything, “everything give to Me”. And this is driven, this is propelled by love – unconditional, relentless love of the mothers.

So prayers are heard. This is one chance for real purification, when we receive the blessings of an authority. Therefore we say that our God is like a father, and like a mother also. So much loving, and so much ready to sacrifice.

Question of Kripadham: My question is about the last level when the other person takes all the burden and gives only positive. Isn’t there a fourth level when somehow this bad thing disappears?

Tirtha Maharaj: On the third platform the bad things disappear from you.

Kripadham: From me yes, but… Can we say that the bad thing or the evil is eternal somehow, or it is temporary? Because in this way it is just circulating…

Tirtha Maharaj: No, it is not eternal. “Gita” has five topics: isvara, jiva, prakriti, kala and karma. The first four are eternal principles, the fifth one is limited. That means God is always there, soul is always there. But karma is limited, it’s not eternal. And we can say that everything as suffering or troubles is on the karma platform. If we sacrifice all our mistakes, sins, problems, whatever in the divine fire of dedication, then they burn out. So, don’t worry, the fire is burning. And if we say: “swa-ha, swa-ha“ and if we throw it in the fire, it will burn out.

Kripadham: It is said that if somebody takes too many disciples, he will fall.

Tirtha Maharaj: Because everybody should work according to his capacity, caliber. Many disciples means…?

Answers: Big problems, big karma.

Tirtha Maharaj: Big karma? Big caliber? Big problems? No. One is enough to give big problem.

Comment: A big army for service!

Tirtha Maharaj: That is better. But actually it means greater chance to serve others. There are some gurus, if you ask them: “How many disciples do you have?” They will say: “Oh, I have these and these numbers of disciples.” If you ask a really humble and qualified person: “How many disciples do you have?” He will say: “Disciples? I have no disciples at all! I have only masters to serve.”

This is the mystic path of yoga. Some very few chosen devotees, they can spread the message practically unlimited. Like Narrotam das Thakur with 60 000 disciples. Goura Kishora das Babadji had only one, but that was enough to start such a movement that we are sitting here.

Kripadham: Does that mean that one was weaker than the other?

Tirtha Maharaj: No, definitely not. Because the spiritual quality we cannot measure by any numbers nor any material conceptions or dimensions. Because the really surrendered souls they are chosen by God for specific services. One for a mass distribution, mass propagation and other for private meditation. It is the same, no difference.


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