Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


We try to follow a personal philosophy. On the first hand it means we have a personal conception of Godhead. On the other hand it also means that we must have a personal experience of God. And thirdly it should mean that we are very personal in our activities. And from this song, “Shri Shri Shad Goswami Ashtakam”, you can feel that personal gratitude from the vaishnavas towards the higher ones. We can describe theoretically the greatness of the goswamis in scientific treatises – or we can sing this song, fully surcharged with the feelings of the subordinates.

Bhakti means personal touch. And in some cases devotees practice as a routine. I see that this is very surprising and astonishing to you, yet sometimes it happens. But sometimes you can touch that personal attitude, deeply surcharged with emotions, gratitude, etc. This is what we are searching for, because if you are connected to that plane there is no any obstacle in your spiritual path. Because by this transmission of powers the insignificant becomes glorious, the small becomes great, the servant becomes a master and the master becomes a servant. Just like in the case of the goswamis, although they were highly respected by all, they felt themselves like humble servants of all. At the same time they were stalwarts of devotional science and also like the heroes of renunciation, best chanters and many more.

If you achieve mercy, this is just like an investment in your life. You can lose it on the stock exchange of material dealings, or you can deposit it in the treasure house of the bank of the holy name. Are you a good investor? Or you need some financial advisor? We all need financial advisors in devotional dealings. And if you follow the example of the goswamis, then your assets will grow.

So preserve the mood of the goswamis in your heart.

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